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    On ocean cruises, shore excursions are usually a set-in-stone experience, pre-planned and approved by the cruise line to insure quality time ashore. There is little wiggle room on where a tour goes or what is done, and for good reason: they are rated for activity level and have to conclude in time to get back ...
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    When it comes to new travel products, there never seems to be a shortage of offerings for people going on a road trip, camping, flying or staying in a hotel. But few are presented as handy gear for cruise travelers, perhaps because so much of the (unenlightened) travel world thinks of cruising as ‘not really traveling’. I can see their point; cruising does take a lot ...
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    What was once nearly an extra curricular activity for cruise lines, producing video about what they do did not get all that much attention in the past. Thank a focus on rolling out a record number of ships over the last decade for that. But since the economic recession of a few years ago, cruise lines have had some time to breathe and regroup. One of the ...
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    I suppose that no matter how we travel, even if we hate the process of learning in general, the odds are that we will still learn something. Take up camping and along with the ability to do it well comes skills like building a fire, shoes to wear hiking, cooking without the conveniences of home and more. Cruises have been called ‘no-brainer’ modes of travel because so much ...
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    As travel gear goes, there are plenty of places to find helpful suggestions on what to bring along on any given trip. Friends might suggest a must-bring item. Those who make travel gear surely want us to think theirs is something we need. Cruise lines themselves often have suggested packing lists. Take a spin around the Internet and there seems to be no ...
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    Sailing on the rivers of Europe in the Summer brings cruise travelers up close to iconic destinations, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Often stopping in the city center of major Euro destinations and small towns along the way, Summer is a great time of the year to just walk off the ship. Ashore we find festivals and events both ongoing and seasonal that can make for great travel ...
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    Not that it ever strayed very far, cuisine has regained its position as a top attraction for travelers choosing a cruise vacation. Or so it would seem from all the attention culinary topics are receiving lately. Several recent announcements by a variety of cruise lines indicate the topic of food is still a big selling point.

    Why Now? Why Food?
    Maybe it’s because new ship rollout has slowed down a bit. The process of building and launching a new ship has always ...
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    It seems that when we engage a travel service provider, be they a giant cruise line or a taxi driver, the experience can go one of three ways.

    1. They did what they said they would do
    2. They fell short of doing what they said they would do
    3. They exceeded what they said they would do

    Handling Bad News

    It is not good when a travel service provider falls short of the expectation set, but acceptable ways to react are predictable. Reasonable ...
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