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    A dozen years or so ago, North Americans fell in love with cruise travel, fueling the biggest surge in cruise line growth ever. What was once a travel option for “the newly wed or nearly dead”, became the vacation of choice for millions. More, bigger ships were built to satisfy the healthy demand. Initially selling us on the idea of sailing in general, cruise lines diversified and defined their individual offerings as unique, as they continue to do today. Over time, much ...
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    Like car dealers and grocery stores, it seems there is always a ‘sale’ going on at most major cruise line, and for good reason: there is. Price continues to be a driving reason to book your favorite cruise line now rather than later. While comparing line to line has become more difficult in recent years as cruise lines continue to differentiate themselves from one another, we still do; at least when it comes to ...
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    Florida is known for its Sun, Sand and Cruise Ships. What you may not know is Florida is fast becoming a powerhouse in the growing Craft Beer and Microbreweries world. In 2013 alone Florida's 66 small breweries produced an amazing 130,000 barrels or 4.03 million gallons of craft-brewed beer for an economic impact of $875.8 million, ranking the state 12th in the nation.

    Recently Carnival Cruise Line and Tampa, Florida based Cigar City Brewing have teamed up to bring their popular brews on-board 13 Florida based Carnival ships. Guests who sail aboard one of these ships will be able to partake in these two Cigar City beers:

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    Regardless of the cruise line sailed, the places visited along the way or who is sailing with us, we want to capture the moment in photos. We might do that with the camera in our smartphone, use an easy point-and-shoot camera or invest in professional-quality equipment. However we go about it, what counts are the images we end up with and will share ...
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    Cruise Addicts was aboard the Carnival Legend as Carnival Cruise Line and Cigar City Brewing announced an exclusive agreement to offer Cigar City's award winning craft beer aboard their ships. Starting on July 13th, 2014 Cigar City's Florida Cracker ...
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    Regardless of the number of days, we want our cruise vacations to be fun. We may book at the last minute or plan years in advance. We might have qualified for a great deal, paid more than we anticipated or been someone else’s guest, paying nothing. To get there might have been a drive to the port or flying in to the embarkation city from far away. All that aside, once on the ship, we want it to be enjoyable. Here are some ways to ...
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    Travel by cruise ship is a safe way to see the world, for a number of reasons. The closed environment of a cruise ship provides a layer of safety from the outside world as do secure staterooms that keep trouble out. But being in a safe area and being safe are often two ...
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    The Mojito has risen in the ranks to become of the most popular cocktails. It originated in Cuba, was second to the Daiquiri on Ernest Hemingway's list of favorite cocktails, and, since the 1980's, has become one of the more fashionable tropical cocktails. ...
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    Cruise 1: a voyage made in various directions. 2: a sailing to and fro as for exploration or for pleasure. (Noun)

    Addict 1: someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction. 2: someone who is dependent on a substance; abrupt deprivation of the substance produces withdrawal symptoms. (Noun)

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