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    Hoonah_Tlingit_Boy Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    HELLO EVERYONE! LONG TIME NO POST! I'm doing great and the weather here in good ol' southeast Alaska is more than stellar.....RAIN, SNOW, RAIN, SNOW, RAIN...............WOOHOO.......

    Hello Xpose - So you are curious about whalewatching at Icy Strait Point huh? GRRRREAAAAAAAAT DECISION! There are select independent operators, and you might want to google these names: Royal Charters, G-Wind Charters, Tok River Outfitters.......these are all independent whalewatching/fishing operators. However, there are whalewatching excursions that will leave directly from Icy Strait Point through the ship....and don't think in anyway that if you're dealing with the Cruiseline that it's a bad thing at Icy Strait Point, because ALL of the excursions that are dealt with through the ship are ALL run by my people (The Huna Tlingit) - so feel free to book through them too. It will directly support our efforts as a community as well.....but please, by all means, select what you wish. Either way, you'll have a GREAT and fulfilling experience out on the waters of Icy Strait.

    Hi Jeana - Great to digimeet the person who started this thread......if it's fishing you want, it's fishing you GET! Again, these are some of THE best waters in all of the panhandle for salmon/halibut fishing. There are operators who you can book through the ship, and again, these are all directly run by local Hoonah people, and again, there are also independent operators you may look into. I know that the excursions through the ship book up rather fast, so you may want to look into it immediately. I've heard great stories from people who had the opportunity to fish with Icy Strait Point...and I've heard great stories from the independent operators as well. Try your luck - but no matter what, you'll be fishing in the same ABUNDANT waters of Icy Strait, where record-breaking salmon and halibut have been caught! ALL YEAR IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR! You can get your fish smoked/packed and sent back home by local operators at Icy Strait Point - I know them personally and they do an AWESOME job.....................Are you scared of the state bird, the MOSQUITO? worries, they haven't been all that bad lately......they usually like to start springing up around July-August timeframes....but it all depends really on the climate and what the temperatures are like.......they aren't as bad as people really think.....or maybe I'm just immune to them!

    Thank you for posting, and if you should have anymore questions, I'd be delighted to answer them in detail.......enjoy the DAY! Before you know it, we'll be standing on the same pier............watching the whales......


    Koo Hook

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    Jeana Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point


    Based on your recommendation, we booked a cruise that will stop in Icy Strait Point. We plan to do salmon fishing (Will be there on Sept. 7th). Also listed in the shore excursions is a Brown Bear sight seeing trip to Spasski River. They do not guarantee sightings but say the chances are good. In your opinion, would this be an excursion well worth the time and money? ($98 each).

    I'll wait for your recommendation on this!


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    Xpose Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    Thanks for the information Koo Hook! I have another question. I will be coming the first part of Sept and I have been reading that the whales head south in Sept. Will we be able to still see whales the first part of Sept in Icy Strait?

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    Hoonah_Tlingit_Boy Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    HEY's god to hear from you. I hope all is well for everyone and your families are healthy and happy.....

    Hi Jeana - CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sincerely glad you've decided to come experience my home and I mostly certainly look forward to having the opportunity to share it with onto the 1,400 pound brown bears.......
    Spasski River Valley and northern Chichagof Island has the densest population of brown bears in the WORLD.....there are roughly 1.6 bears per square mile. These figures were shared with me by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. Your chances will be good, but of course we all know that wildlife is always a gamble. The platforms at which you view the bears from provide 3 separate opportunities to spot bears either in the river right beneath the platforms or out in the grasslands just off the banks of the Spasski river. The views by themselves are worth the trip. The ecology of the valley is really fascinating to me as well. You'll be walking through great wetlands and through old growth Tongass rainforest. I most certainly think you would appreciate it whether or not you see a brownie...because there are many other forms of wildlife in the area as well. The chance to get a narrated ride through the village of Hoonah and out through the Tongass National Forest is worth it as well if you like that sort of thing. Just consider the density of the population I stated earlier, and that hopefully should help you make your decision.....feel free to ask anything you may be needing help with Jeana......

    Xpose - That is EXACTLY what you will be when you take the whale cruise at Icy Strait Point.....EXPOSED to gentle giants here, there, everywhere!!! Despite popular belief X, the humpbacks will not begin migrating usually until around late November, early December. Even after many of them migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii, there are still staple populations that remain in our waters all year round. The boat that departs from Icy Strait Point will take you to an area where the largest congregation of humpback whales can be found throughout Alaska's coast. I hope you may be able to make a great decision from this input....because I'd sure hate for you to miss out on something as amazing as being amongst these awesome creatures.......

    Have a great President's day, and I'm beginning to get antzy with spring coming fast and the daylight hours lengthening.......


    Koo Hook

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    51810ss Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    What is the chance of seeing whales and bears in June at Icy Strait Point? We will be there about June 26.

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    Jeana Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    Koo Hook,

    How do we find you when we get to Icy Strait? I would definitely like to shake your hand! You sound so interesting and knowledgable. I am looking forward to our Icy Strait visit more than any of the others!


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    Xpose Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    Thanks so much Koo Hook! I will definitely be doing the whale watching when I get to Icy Strait Point! Can't wait!

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    u572108 Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    I am interested in possibly going flightseeing. Would you recommend it at your location and also are there any companies you would recommend? Thank you for your assistance.


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    nona Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    For the folks who want to do whale watching, I just wanted to add another local's perspective. I live in Juneau. I have been through Icy Strait many times. I have seen whales every single time I have been there. Koo hook is right. I have been in other parts of South East and the whale watching in Icy Strait is the best. Whale watching companies in Juneau guarantee that you will see whales, and the area near Hoonah is better for whale watching than Juneau.

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    Kay C Guest

    Re: Icy Strait Point

    I am considering booking a cruise that leaves Vancouver on the 26th of August. Will there be as much whale activity in this area then?


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