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    Re: Cell Phones in Europe - Any ideas

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    Any ideas for tempory use of cell phones while on a mediteranian cruise or just use email and skype over the internet?

    The last couple of cruises we rented a cell phone from Range Rover. It allowed our children to contact us for no cost to them and the fees for using the phone were only about 12 to 17cents per minute depending on the country. It did not cost alot and it was very convenient.

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    Re: Cell Phones in Europe - Any ideas

    For about 5-10 you can buy prepaid SIM car.

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    Re: Cell Phones in Europe - Any ideas

    Do not relie on skype, except in port at a internet cafe, If i'm not mistaken, the cruise ships block skype on board.

    Using your world phone in Europe, might make you take out a new mortgage on your house.

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    Re: Cell Phones in Europe - Any ideas

    It's not as expensive as one might think if you remember to TURN OFF YOUR DATA WHILE ROAMING!! I have used my cell phone from Europe to the East to Hong Kong and Australia/New Zealand to the West without astronomical bills. I also use my cell phone at sea daily where service is available.

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    Re: Cell Phones in Europe - Any ideas

    On one of my recent business trips to Asia, I picked up an inexpensive phone that uses SIM cards. I made sure it was a quad-band. I check online and order SIM cards for the destinations we are visiting. I just flip in the new SIM and my phone becomes a local phone for the area.

    We enjoy having the local number so we can call guides, restaurants, and phone numbers we run across on our journeys. I think the last SIM card we bought for cruise was around $10 and included 100 minutes of talk time. The phone does have Skype and Google Voice, which is what we use for calling back to the states using WiFi, when we can get it.

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