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Thread: Classic Rock Cruise

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    Don S. Guest

    Classic Rock Cruise

    Just read on the Journey music web site that there will be a cruise at the end of November on the Triumph that will feature Journey,Styx and REO Speedwagon each doing a live concert.

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    jk Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    Sounds like fun. Boy do those groups bring back some fond memories and some things that I can't remember :grin

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    Barry Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    Rock N Roll Holiday Escape

    REO Speedwagon,

    Carnival Triumph


    Journey, REO and Styx will all perform on this exclusive Carnival cruise.

    The Rock N Roll Holiday Escape includes:

    3 private concerts onboard the Carnival Triumph. This is an extremely intimate venue limited to 500 passengers and their guests.

    45 minute Q&A session with each band revealing 30 years of great Rock N Roll history

    2 complimentary Rock N Roll Cocktail parties

    Exclusively designed hand-screened merchandise

    and much, much more!

    Contact your TA for pricing-I thought it was a pretty killer deal!

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    sueinphilly Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    this is going to be a pretty happening event as well.

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    red stripe Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    man oh man oh man! now that will be a party
    red stripe

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    Einstein Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    Puts a NEW Meaning to "Come Sail Away". :dance That would be a Gr8 cruise fer sure. :thumb


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    cantwaittosail Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    Good one Einstein !! I saw Styx and REO 2 years ago in concert. They rocked !! Would love to go on that cruise ! Think we will be on our Disney land cruise though.

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    Beckiep Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    OH! My high school triumpherant! I saw all three last year and they were fabulous. I think I need to check out pricing. :)

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    Hucc Guest

    Re: Classic Rock Cruise

    wow, seeing Styx perform "Come Sail Away" on a cruise ship

    that'd be pretty cool B)


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