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    Beryl Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    Quote Originally Posted by frito
    as far as I'm concerned the position could be eliminated and I would never miss it.
    Actually, if the position was eliminated I think you really would miss it....unless it was done by a person doing the same job but under a different name. I don't think I would necessarily miss the CD introducing the evening show or the ship's captain at the cocktail party but I would miss all the entertainment onboard if it wasn't for the position s/he holds.

    The CD is in charge of all onboard entertainment! While the CD acts as host at the main shows and at special events s/he is also very active behind the scenes. This part of the job is not readily seen or thought about by the passengers. Did you receive your daily schedule in your cabin? The CD was responsible for scheduling all those activities. Was the cruise staff efficient, well informed and happy? The CD is their leader. If the CD is not a good one your cruise staff won't be too willing to work for him/her and your enjoyment of the cruise will likely suffer! If you met the CD in person was it a pleasant meeting. You've just spoken to an officer who has a lot of work on his plate every single day. Above all a CD must be an excellent communicator and organizer. This is a job that requires patience, personality and terrific organizational skills. If you thought you wouldn't have missed the CD on your last cruise but you had a wonderful time you probably had a great CD working very hard behind the scene!

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    Lisa63 Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    There's only one cruise director I remember well, and that was Tom Dentino of Dolphin Cruise Line. He was such fun to be around, and was indeed highly visible among the passengers. He even got to know our names. Granted, this was a small ship (800 pax), although not by very much at the time. Crew that I met later on other Dolphin and Premier cruises (Dolphin subsequently merged into Premier) had very kind things to say about Tom, as well. Other than Tom, no other cruise director has "made" a cruise for us. There was one other CD, however, who did make a cruise less enjoyable, but I won't mention his name, other to say it was a Celebrity cruise in 2006. The rest hold some memories, but none came even close to Tom. Most of them today are just emcees, IMO.

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    ShipMaven Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    David deHavilland, the original Cruise Director on Crystal Harmony and later, Crystal Symphony, stands out above all others to me. Also, Scott Peterson who was CD on Crystal Symphony last summer, and Doug Jones who was CD on Celebrity's Horizon in 1994, stand out in my memory. As for the many others, they all blend together - some good, some mediocre. I've seen many - it takes a lot to make a lasting impression on me.

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    MortgageChick Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    I don't have a list , but the only CD I have ever taken to was John Heald. With his blog now such a huge on line sucess, he is almost a celebrity of sorts. John , I believe is currently on board the Carnival Freedom. I don't think this guy ever sleeps.


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    red stripe Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    for a glimpse into their jobs and lives, read this article on the CC site.

    very good reading.

    trying to remember names....."Alister" something....... other than that.. a great woman on one cruise many moons ago.
    "Julie".. (I think:grin )now that lass really DID make a difference.

    After a couple of days on the ship, if she was running anything.. it was SRO only. Unfortunately for all of us.. she was leaving to get married. I do not think she ever returned to cruising.

    Fortunately the rest did their job.. I do not recall anyone who was outstanding in a negative way.

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    Gayle V Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    Hi Red, Was that Alister Greener? He was our CD on the Golden a few years ago, and probably the only one I can remember as being exceptional. That man seemed to be everywhere all the time. We really did enjoy him.

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    red stripe Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    yes Gayle, that was him.
    We used to bump into him all the time, and we would talk about Devon and Cornwall. I have not seen him lately.
    he is now on the Queen Victoria, and is the Entertainment Director.

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    frito Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    Well, I stand corrected. Maybe some people need someone to help them along with when to go to bingo, what jewelry is on sale by the inch, where to shop, when to stand, where to sit, introduce the captain, laud the hard working employees, etc., etc. etc.
    I should have said that I personally don't really pay any attention to whom the cruise director is or really care who he /she is. I have been on 32 cruises and pretty much do my own thing. I'm sure they are really a hard working person with many hats to wear and maybe there wouldn't be a cruise without them.
    Personally, I just basically ignore them--- If I have a problem with something, I go to the pursers desk to see about getting it resolved. Never had a cruise director to my knowledge resolve any plumbing, dining, noise, problems, etc.
    I let them do their thing, whatever that may be and they apparently let me do my thing , whatever that may be, and we apparently are both happy as we never meet. Hats of to all the cruise directors !! :wave :wave

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    patchouli_girl Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    has anyone ever heard of

    Ralph "wee Jimmy" Valente?

    I was on A wikipedia website about my ship...the carnival Glory....and they said he was our cruise director!

    and yes MortageChick you were right about John Heald he is working on the Carnival Freedom currently!

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    Jim Guest

    Re: List of Best & Worst Cruise Directors

    I know that some folks get a "crush" on their CD. We could care less!

    As the ship's get bigger, the CD does have more of a managerial role and less passenger involvement.

    All I ask of the CD is to insure his staff have accurate information, and keep us up to speed when changes in itinerary or schedule occur.


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