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Thread: Who is Yahooty??

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    Bibb Guest

    Who is Yahooty??

    This was prompted by an earlier post.

    Who is Yahooty? He's in everyone's home, in restaurants, offices, and stores. He goes on vacations with you, yet you have never seen him. Who is Yahooty?

    My answer tomorrow. What's your answer?????????


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    surfergirl Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    A shot in the dark-your subconscious mind.

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    Tiptoeonthewaves Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    I remember my parents using that as an answer when we were little when we asked "who" all the time. You mean there really is such a person? I thought it was a joke to shut us up :lol

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    Tread Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    He's the "dog", the "duck", the "barking spider", the "one you point the finger at!" As Jim Carrey said: "It was MMMMMEEEEEEEEEE ! ! ! "

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    Rubysky Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    Is he the guy who turns the light off & on in the refridgerator?

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    TT, me too. Forgot about that till you posted that. Actually I thought it was suer language at its fineset :lol

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    Einstein Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    He is the lead singer with Hootie & the Blowfish. :grin


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    WCoastCdnCruisers Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    A race horse with a kewl name? Laurey
    :CAN :USA

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    Bibb Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    Way to go Rubysky.

    According to the tales of my mother and my grandmother (in my childhood days down in Alabama), Yahooty (or maybe Yahootie) hid behind things in the refrigerator and turned the light out when you closed the door. He's about as busy as Santa Claus, trying to take care of refrigerators all over the world. I wonder if he has to monitor car doors, microwaves and all the other automatic lights??

    Tread is pretty much right also - he's whatever you want him to be.

    Hootie's gonna getcha Einstein.


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    Einstein Guest

    Re: Who is Yahooty??

    Well then he could do a whole heckuva a LOT of hiding in this refrigerator . :lol Thanx for the insight Bibb. :thumb



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