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    frdalton Guest

    pool question

    hi, I'm currious about something on the pools. I hear about the pools being empty one day and full the next. So I'm assuming they are able to very quickly fill and empty the pool. This leads to my question, What do they fill the pool with? fresh or salt water, I can't see them having time to properly chlorinate the pool water that quickly if it was fresh.

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    Cruzman Guest

    Re: pool question

    On most mainstream cruise lines, pools are filled with salt water; I'm told it is "filtered". Two cruise lines come to mind that use chlorinated fresh water; Princess and Holland America.

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    Herb & Judy Guest

    Re: pool question

    Carnival uses salt water in their pools. Since they empty and refill every night the water quality is good but not heated. The first thing in the morning the water's rather cool but warms up by mid-day.

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    Cruizer Guest

    Re: pool question

    I am not so sure the water is not heated. On the Pride, after a cold run down the water slide, we found the main pool to be quite warm.


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