View Poll Results: Is it fair or correct that crew can smoke in cabins and inside bars?

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    This is always a hot button but remains an important issue for many of us. I am actually turned off to cruising while cigarette and cigar smoking are still allowed. Can't stand it so we've booked a land vacation for December this year. It's too bad because we really love cruising and have been on many.
    Still, I always seem to find myself near smokers even though I try to avoid them.
    Maybe cruiselines could have smoking cessation classes for the crew? Doubt it but it is a fire hazard no matter what anyone says.
    We have been averaging 3 to 4 cruises per year lately but that has changed due to the smoking.

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    The crew does not have as many open, airy spaces to smoke in, nor do they have a lot of time to do it in. I would guess they are allowed to do so due to work constraints.
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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    I am an ex smoker and it does bother me to be around smokers. However ships are Private property and can set smoking policy as they wish. I have a real problem with Governments telling private businesses like restaurants, bars, offices what their smoking policy shall be. The free market will regulate it quite well without a Nanny State telling them what to do.

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    Just sailed on Princess. I can't remember any crew smoking. The Casino had 2 smoke free nights ( formal nights ) That was the only place where ppl smoked. Oh also in the sky walker lounge, and in a section on the lido deck.

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    well guess I won't be sailing on X

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterD21 View Post
    Also, nobody and i mean no one, should ever take me too seriously.

    OMG... and whatever you do, do NOT take me too seriously.... i'm being serious!!

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    Mbandy was on the same wave length as me in that these cabins are the crew member's homes, so I believe it is a little bit different. That being said, on the other side of the coin is the fact that they are assigned room mates to share the cabin, and so is it fair to allow smoking and possibly have a non smoker forced to live w/ a smoker? Additionally, w/ regards to crew bars, is it fair for nonsmoking crew members to have to breath the smokey air in their bar? I think not.

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    The smoke can get on the furniture and i stinks think that they should only be able to smoke outside. I didn't know that they could though

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    Fair yes - it is their home. Love that guest cabins do not stink of the second hand smoke left behind by previous guests. Love that the casino is not a health hazard to be in nor that my clothes do not stink as a result of being in it for more than 10 min.

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    Re: Smoking - Did you Know?

    On which side port or starboard & decks do you feel will have more problems with the smoking issue?


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