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    Beckiep Guest

    OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>I've changed my home page to include news of our Tahiti cruise win and would like to put some tropical music in the background. Right now, I've changed it from "Simple Gifts", an old Shaker hymn (my favorite), to "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" as sort of an ironic thing. But I'm looking more for Jimmy Buffet midi files that are free to download. I've spent the last hr. looking at free midi sites and can't find anything tropical, nevermind and Buffet. Anyone know where I can find them?

    And on a totally unrelated note, hubby and I went to Blockbuster to rent South Pacific yesterday afternoon (It was pouring and they were mobbed. NOT a fun trip.) They have no copy on their shelves of South Pacific (the original. I know the new one's not out yet.) Is it even avail. on video?
    (We ended up with Meet the Parents and Love Letter.)</HTML>

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    Lisa Guest

    Re: OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>I know it is available on video, becuase I used to pop it into the VCR for some of my residents at the nursing home where I work. Don't know where you can find it, but it is out there! :-)</HTML>

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    Mgram Guest

    Re: OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>Beckie, try section. They come up with almost anything. MGram</HTML>

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    seamom Guest

    Re: OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>Try an independent video as Blockbuster is more interested in turnover of the current hits...find one that specializes in classics or musicals. Or the library!?</HTML>

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    Beckiep Guest

    Re: OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>Thanks for the suggestions. I thought of Amazon after I posted this message (duh!). They have the one from the 50s and the new one w/Glen Close and Harry Connick Jr. is coming out in Aug. Didn't see it in movie theaters so I wonder if this is direct to video. Haven't decided if I'll buy the original (The new one will be out after Tahiti.)
    Unfortunately, we have no independent video stores around here. Blockbuster put them all out of business (remember, we're a small town. Offer us 5 nights for the same price the independent is charging for 1, and it doesn't bode well for the little guy.) The next town over has a Blockbuster and a Hollywood right on our border.</HTML>

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    Lisa Guest

    Re: OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>The one with Glenn Close was on TV a couple of months ago - it was a made for tv movie.</HTML>

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    Dick Guest

    Re: OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>See if this is your cup of tea.....I like it .......<></HTML>

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    Dick Guest

    Re: OT: tropical midi files

    <HTML>Try this instead....other URL is too long....<></HTML>


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