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    Jgiles41 Guest

    Carnival- Casino

    Hello All,

    I am off on my first cruise - Carnival Fasination - on 3 Oct (barring a hurricane). I need to know how do you gamble on the ship. Meaning do you use your sail and sign card for the slot machines
    or do you need to bring cash

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    jleq1 Guest

    Re: Carnival- Casino

    Cash. Canino closed while in port/near shore

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    serene56 Guest

    Re: Carnival- Casino

    If you want to use your sign and sail card--you take it to the cage and tell them how much, It will cost ou 3% to do that.

    Take cash--machines take $$

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    chrlygrl Guest

    Re: Carnival- Casino

    You need to have cash to gamble. If you are going to play the slots make sure you put your sail and sign card in the machine and you will get points towards casino merchandise at the end of the cruise. DH and I got a tote bag and tee shirt with our points. It was a fun way to earn something on the ship.

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    serene56 Guest

    Re: Carnival- Casino

    um, dont you have to sign up at the players club to do that?? or can you just use your sign and sail card without signing up for the program

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    cruiselife Guest

    Re: Carnival- Casino

    Leaving on the same ship October 3, 2005. So far no hurricanes to worry about. Just hope that rain maker moving away from Cozumel and doesn't develope into anything.

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    publicdefender Guest

    Re: Carnival- Casino

    Does the casino cash traveller's checks? To avoid the 3% vig if I use my sail card to get gambling funds do I have to bring a wad of cash?

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    docbfree Guest

    Re: Carnival- Casino

    Yes to both questions. Yes they accept traveller's checks and yes you need to bring your wad if you don't want to pay 3%


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