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    pattyfrompa Guest

    snorkeling in December?

    One more you think it will be warm enough to snorkel. Looking at Weather Underground, it is supposed to be 69 degrees high mid-week next week. Does this mean the temp will continue dropping in the Bahamas?

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    Jim Guest

    Re: snorkeling in December?

    WHEW! Glad you clarified the Bahamas.....was gonna let you know snorkeling in one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota is very, very difficult this time of year!

    Where do you live? If you live in Indiana, you will find the water temps just fine. If you live in Corpus Christi, then the water will be cool.

    It truly depends on where you are from.

    But note, the Gulf Stream flows north and borders the Bahamas..this draws warm water up the entire East Coast all winter long so you will not find the temps too chilly.

    Again, avoid snorkeling this time of year in Lake Michigan too!

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    MortgageChick Guest

    Re: snorkeling in December?

    I agree with Jim. I have snorkeled in the Bahamas in January and March and found it just fine. Others that were from Florida thought we were nuts. OF course they think Swimming pool water in the low 80's is too cold too-ha ha!

    BTW we live on Canadas East Coast where , with the exception of One spot, the sea water temp hovers in the low to mid 50's all year. At the height of the summer , the Sea water temp at our cottage in Maine is around 57 degrees!!


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