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    Indianajim Guest

    More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    Witnesses Say Newlyweds Argued on Cruise


    STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) - A man who disappeared from his honeymoon
    cruise last summer argued in the ship's bar with his wife, who
    kicked him in the groin hours before he vanished, two witnesses said

    The witnesses told The Associated Press the FBI has interviewed them
    about the July 5 disappearance of George Allen Smith IV of

    ``I was very surprised by their behavior, that a honeymoon couple
    would act that way,'' said Margarita Chaves, a 29-year-old teacher
    from Phoenix.

    Smith disappeared from a Royal Caribbean ship in the Mediterranean
    Sea between Turkey and Greece. Blood stains were found running from
    the balcony of Smith's cabin to life boats. No one has been charged
    and no body has been recovered.

    Smith's wife, Jennifer Hagel-Smith of Cromwell, was found sleeping
    on a floor in a corridor far from the couple's cabin the night he
    vanished, the cruise line said Wednesday.

    Hagel-Smith and her attorney say she was unconscious and has no
    recollection of what happened. Hagel-Smith said she passed an FBI
    polygraph test. Federal authorities have said she has cooperated
    with their investigation.

    Hagel-Smith called the accounts that she kicked her husband
    ``ridiculous'' and ``outlandish.''

    ``That's the epitome of what I've had to deal with,'' Hagel-Smith
    said. ``That's not something I would do to my husband.''

    Chaves said she was in the bar with her friends when another group
    introduced them to Smith and his wife. She said the couple was
    heavily intoxicated and Hagel-Smith was leaning on a male passenger.

    ``We were afraid a fight was going to start,'' Chaves said. ``She
    was flirting with him.''

    Dominick Mazza, a 24-year-old auditor from New Jersey, said Hagel-
    Smith was leaning on him because she was drunk, but he did not
    believe she was flirting.

    Smith then began calling his wife names, the witnesses agreed.

    ``She kind of pushed him away lightly and suddenly stood up and
    kicked him in the private and stumbled out of the bar,'' Mazza said.

    Smith ``bent over for quite a while,'' Mazza said. ``You could tell
    he was in pain. I thought the kick was hard. That was not fooling

    Chaves said Smith eventually returned to drinking with a group of
    men. She said the group was drinking absinthe, a highly potent

    ``His pupils were dilated,'' Chaves said. ``I'll never forget that
    look in his eyes.''

    James Walker, Hagel-Smith's attorney, said the accounts are not
    relevant to Smith's disappearance.

    Brett Rivkind, attorney for Smith's family, said the argument might
    explain why Hagel-Smith left the bar and was later found in the

    ``I don't know what to make of that,'' Rivkind said. ``We heard
    rumors of that. It doesn't seem that serious of an argument to go
    that far.''


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    bOB Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    Well that settles that, no way he could have jumped over a railing..........................

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    herb Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    What a way to act on a honeymoon :dizzy

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    Indianajim Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    Now a15 year Old is Missing ! Authorities search for teen missing from Caribbean cruise

    Saturday, January 7, 2006; Posted: 6:36 p.m. EST (23:36 GMT)

    CANCUN, Mexico (AP) -- Officials were searching Saturday for a 15-year-old girl from Ireland who they said fell off of a cruise ship near Isla Mujeres, a Caribbean island near Cancun that is popular with tourists.

    The Costa Magica cruise ship was 26 miles away from the island in the pre-dawn hours Thursday when the teen fell into the Caribbean, according to the ship's captain, Guisseppo Russo.

    Russo identified the victim as Lincey O'Brien and did not divulge her hometown. Newspapers in the missing teen's native Ireland spelled her first name Lynsey, however, and reported she was from Dublin.

    Rough sea conditions had slowed the search, said Genaro Medina, a federal official at the office of the port captain on Isla Mujeres. While air rescue efforts continued via Mexican coast guard helicopters, officials were no longer optimistic about finding the victim alive.

    "It's really difficult (to believe) the young woman is alive," Medina said. "The impact could have caused an instantaneous death since the distance between the railing from where she fell and the water is 30 to 40 meters."

    Local authorities said the ship left Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on January 1 and planned to spend a week visiting sites in the so-called Riviera Maya near Cancun before heading to Cuba. It had been scheduled to arrive at the island of Cozumel, south of Isla Mujeres, early Thursday morning but was delayed because of the search.

    The Italian-flagged Costa Magica is part of the fleet of Costa Cruises, which is controlled by Miami-based Carnival Corp., the world's largest cruise operator.

    A spokesman for Carnival confirmed that a passenger had gone overboard, but referred calls for further comment to Costa Cruises in Hollywood, Florida, where no one could immediately be reached for comment.

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    cycofan Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    No one will really know what happened here, but I think the moral of the story is not to let yourself get completely out of control drunk in ANY situation, let alone a strange environment with strangers. I just can't imagine behaving like that!

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    nieciez Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    Hagel-Smith called the accounts that she kicked her husband
    ``ridiculous'' and ``outlandish.''

    Heck, it sounds like she was too drunk to know if she did it or not, (kicking him).

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    Mbandy Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    Amazing :dizzy Makes you wonder what's coming next on this story! Richard Fain and the Officer that accompanied Mrs Hagel Smith were on CBS this morning.

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    Charles Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    Ya Know! That WAS reported shortly after this all happened!

    1) The cruise line has responded as best it can considering the legal issues and the media attention.

    2) The cruise industry is like Dinsey Land/Disney World: all is perfect

    3) The lawyers of the wife are doing a media blitz to make sure their "little princess" cannot be blamed...etc., etc. etc.

    Both of these kids have very weatlthy parents. The parents of the girl are the only ones exploiting the media.

    Consider all this as public relations, or an advertisement, on behalf of the wife.

    PLEASE take all of this with very LARGE grain of salt!


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    janes Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    I'm sorry, but can someone please explain to me how someone can just "fall off" a cruise ship??
    I have only been on 3 cruises to date, but I don't recall of anyplace on the cruise ship where you can just fall overboard. Maybe I'm missing something????

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    rcicruiser Guest

    Re: More on Missing Newly Wed Husband

    It is not the parent's of the wife it is the husband familly that is in the media. Let me ask eeveryone why do we not see the two families together. George Smith's family opened a big ca of worms when they decided to go public and sue the cruise line. Tell me Smith family, George was drunk, upset that his wife was flirting why could he have not gone out to the balcony after not finding his wife in the room and fallen overboard. He was drunk so drunk he could not stand had to be help to his room. He could of sat on the balcony and be drunk fell. The more we here about this case the worse it makes the Smith's look bad.

    They complaint that they got no information from the cruiseline. Well it was Bree Smith who told them they did not want to talk to the cruiseline any more. She said she was a lawyer and did not want to talk to them. Grand jury in CT, Christopher Shay the congressman from CT. Must be nice to have money and throw it around to get things done.


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