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    nieciez Guest

    The Rogers Family of North Pole Alaska

    As many of you know ABC’s Extreme Home Make Over built a beautiful home for the Roger’s Family of North Pole Alaska. As you can imagine a home of this size will require a lot more $$ for taxes, electric, heat and general upkeep plus the cost of raising a family of this size. With Tobyn’s help I did some research and found out that three accounts have been set up to help this deserving family. Donations are being accepted by Denali State Bank. I decided to post this as I thought maybe some of you would like to help.

    Here is the email I received from the bank:

    Make checks payable to The Rogers Family Fund. There are 3 different funds #1046853 is the General Account – #1046861 is for Property Taxes – #1046879 is for Fuel and Electric. Send your deposit to:
    Denali State Bank
    119 N. Cushman
    Fairbanks, AK 99701

    Any questions please call 907-456-1400

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    connie seabee Guest

    Re: The Rogers Family of North Pole Alaska

    Thanks for the info Denise. That is one amazing family, to have had nothing and yet to have kept such a loving and possitive attitude.

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    Tobyn Guest

    Re: The Rogers Family of North Pole Alaska

    Is it any wonder that when they asked for nominations for an Alaskan family that there were over 300 nominations for this family? One of the stories in the paper back in July is that there were several families that received multiple nominations, but none were even close to the 300 this family received.

    Thanks for posting this Nieciez. Was easy for us just to drop the donation into the box in the bank. . . .

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    Snowblower Guest

    Re: The Rogers Family of North Pole Alaska

    Thanks for the information. A while back I remember Tread posting something about ABC’s Extreme Makeover building a home down the street from him or somewhere in their neighborhood. Was this the home he posted about? We saw this show last night, what a wonderful story.

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    shadoesmom Guest

    Re: The Rogers Family of North Pole Alaska

    I have to ask - Can anyone tell me why the post on the front porch is tilted? It makes it look like the house is falling apart. (Picture 2 on the website)

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    Tobyn Guest

    Re: The Rogers Family of North Pole Alaska

    Not sure why it was designed that way, but it was built into the design. From the sides, it is straight up and down, from the front it is tilted. I agree, it looks a little odd.


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