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    nu2cruising Guest

    Western time to cruise...

    Hello all!
    My daughter and some of her friends are considering taking a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise on RCl's Freedom of the Seas after she graduates in June.
    They wanted me to find out when is the best time of year for them to go, as they do not want to travel during the hurricane season but want nice weather.
    Can you please help out a fellow cruise lover with this info...thanks!

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    reggae Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    You might want to do some checking with a high-volume travel agent, because the Freedom is sold out (especially balconies) on a lot of dates. I think some of the TA's are holding space though.

    Christoffer is on the Freedom right now, and he will have some gorgeous pictures when he gets back. Make sure to watch for that!

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    S&M in Pgh Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    As close to the beginning of June would be a good bet as far as avoiding the tropical storm season.

    Not to be a wet blanket, but if it is her High School graduation, then you better be prepared to go with her. RCL will not allow anyone under 21 to travel in a cabin unless there is someone over 21 booked in the cabin. Guests under the age of 18 (so 18 and under) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian booked in the same or an adjacent cabin. That is right from their website.

    Like I said, not trying to be a wet blanket, but the age restrictions are not something people often think about.


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    iluvcruzin Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    Anymore you can run into a hurricane all year. The trends have changed too. It seems Winter/Spring are good times to go with a reduced risk.

    If price is a factor, the Fall ones are generally low time, but with the Freedom the pricing is still high because it's a new ship. Summer will be the most expensive time.

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    Lady Jag Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    I know the Freedom's sister ship is practically sold out for most of the summer already. There are still some insides & outsides left on a few sailings. I would expect the Freedom to be in the same situation. They should make their minds up ASAP.

    Early June is a good time, even late June. We sailed the Southern Carib. in July before with perfect weather. You just never know what you're going to get!

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    nieciez Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    VERY hot and humide in August!

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    Mbandy Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    Tropical storm season runs from the first of June to the end of November. I never plan a trip based on storm season though.

    You didn't mention if it was a High School or College graduation. S&M in Pgh found some good info regarding age restrictions. RCCL does have a policy regarding "student groups" which are different than their normal age restrictions. The two main requirements are that 50% of the group must be 21 or older and at least one guest in each cabin be 21 or older.

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    Cruzman Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    Bottom line, better be prepared to pony up for a cruise on this ship just about any time she sails.

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    nu2cruising Guest

    Re: Western time to cruise...

    College Grad...she's 23.......thanks


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