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    cjbee Guest

    Frequent Cruisers

    I have heard rumblings off and on that Carnival has some kind of frequent cruiser program where you get different status, etc based on the number of cruises. If so, how do you get enrolled in that? Just curious.

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    Mbandy Guest

    Re: Frequent Cruisers

    Normally if you fill out the guest comment card at the end of the cruise you will be signed up automatically. If not just call them and tell them your ship and sail date (helps if you have your old booking number) and they'll sign you up.

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    Don M Guest

    Re: Frequent Cruisers

    It's worth signing up. You'll get a free gift and an invite to a cocktail party with free drinks and food.

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    cjbee Guest

    Re: Frequent Cruisers

    We always get invited to the repeaters party and we have gotten the free gifts on the last few. I was just curious if there was something specific we needed to join.

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    Boymom Guest

    Re: Frequent Cruisers

    once you have 10 CCL cruises to your credit, then you will have VIP or Platinum status and you will get lots of perks..... VIP embarkation and debarkation alone makes it worth it....... you are taken to a special lounge for debarkation and they have a continental breakfast for you and then you are escourted off the ship first....
    they gave us gifts every night in our cabin...... hor d'oeuvers, canapes, canvas tote bag etc..... we got a special tour of the galley..... we got free entrance to the blackjack tourney in the casino etc.... other perks that I can't remember....

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    serene56 Guest

    Re: Frequent Cruisers

    Actually platinum perks happen ON your 10th Carnival cruise.

    on your first cruise you get a blue and red sign and sail card. 2-9 you get a gold card. On the 10th you get a platinum with priorty boarding along with other perks like priorty tendering. free internet. free pressing etc. etc.

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    SandyBeach Guest

    Re: Frequent Cruisers

    Some of what boymom got...we didn' the special galley tour. There were somewhere between 15 and 20 platinum cruisers on our cruise this December and no one but us signed up for the "free" slot tournament. I played the first day and my husband played in the second tournament. Each ship may be doing things just a bit differently for their platinum people....our finger foods were delivered on two different nights and were very fancy. I believe we are considered to be in the Carnival Consierge Club....and there's nothing to fill out...just make sure they use your past guest number when you book all your future cruises...and once you reach 10 cruises you are in.


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