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    canuk Guest

    I've found a cheaper price than the one I booked. Now what?

    I booked directly with Carnival, cruise plus air (for two people) and now I see advertising the same departure for $100 less per person, on the cruise segment of the fare (airfare unchanged).

    What should I do? I've contacted my agent at Carnival, who said she'd "talk to my managers", but the silence from Carvival has been deafening since then. It's my understanding that I can get the lower price?

    To be fair, we booked at 1A inside gauranteed pricing and, as things show now, we have a 4D cabin, inside.

    If I got pushy and asked for a 6A oceanview (it's another $70 over the 4D price) in lieu of the $100, would that be too pushy? They get to keep the $200 (2 people booking) and we get an outside cabin....


    Ebeneezer Scruiser!

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    Gayle V Guest

    Re: I've found a cheaper price than the one I booked. Now what?

    Hello Canuk,

    First premise: If you have not passed the time for final payment, you can totally cancel any booking and rebook for the lower price. (That is provided the agent you've booked with does not charge an additional cancelation fee over and above the one charged by the cruise line. Since you've booked with the line itself, you don't need to consider this, but I include it for other readers.)

    Specifically, I don't know about the deal you want to offer them, but it can't hurt to ask.

    Otherwise, first off, let me ask two things: 1st) How far from sailing are you? ANd Is that deal price, the cost of a 1A, as you originally booked, or the price of the cabin level you now have, a 4D?

    I'm figuring if you started with a 1A and now already know your cabin is a 4D, then you must be past final payment time.

    (Am I correct in thinking that a 4D cabin now sells for about the price you originally paid for the 1A ?) If so, and if you are past final payment, it would seem that the upgrade from 1A to 4D is the criuseline's way of already having given you the benefit of the new price. If so, asking for more is not likely to be successful.

    If that's not the case, (if cabins at the level you already have, really are selling for $100 less elsewhere, there is always the possiblity of transfering the booking over to the company that is offering the lower price. Now I've never done it myself, but it is my understanding that if you book a cruise originally with the cruise line, you are at liberty to move the booking to any travel agent you choose, and take advantage of their services and pricing. This is NOT the same as canceling and rebooking. You wouldn't want to do that after final payment date !

    But first talk to the new company and see if it really will give you a better deal than what you've already gotten (Meaning better than the price you originally paid but now get a 4D or better).

    Remember sometimes deals offered nearer to the sailing date are specified as being for "for new bookings only". Be really certain all other aspects of the deal are equal, and always ask about cancelation fees on both sides before you make a change.

    Good Luck.

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    canuk Guest

    Re: I've found a cheaper price than the one I booked. Now what?

    Thanks for your thoughts, Gayle V.
    I've just called Carnival and they have told me that because the value of their comp upgrade is greater than the value of the price reduction I found, they are not prepared to allow the price reduction.

    I am so close (38 days) to embarkation that canceling the cruise and rebooking would definitely not be worth while!

    So, hey one bite out of the cherry is not as good as towo, but it's better than none. We'll settle for the upgrate, worth about $100 each.

    By the way, we are going on the Carnival Spririt, Ensenada to Hawaii, 12 days, leaving April 15, 2007. The cruise component (before govt/port fees is $649 per person. CruiseDirect had (still has, as I write) this cruise for $549 + fees. That's around $50 per person per day.


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