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    Eric_Paris Guest

    Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    First of all sorry for my little english because I'm french (Paris). I travelled on the galaxy from august 3rd to 13th 2007 in mediteranean cruise. All was fine untill we disembarked in Civitavecchia. There, one of our suitcases had been forced (broken zipper) and I fullfiled a personal property report (in spite the crew member tried to prevent me of doing it saying that accidental broken suitcases could happen, and putting pressure on me because of late time, that I had to hurry, etc...) then, arriving to our next destination, I noticed, opening the suitcase that a small bag with electronics had been stolen (archos hard drive, scanner radio, walky talkies, etc...My camera & vidéo wheren't in the suitcase). Back to paris I started to call, email, send letters & registered letters to the company, and today still i.e: Jan 2nd, they still didn't refund the broken suitcase (even though I've given a document from a suitcase shop saying it is not reparable) and the insurance says no electronics are covered unless they are stolen when worn (on me)...!!! Considering the fact that there are x ray machines on board for security matters, I suspect an organised gang that use those machines to target precisely the suitcases that "deserve" to be opened...As we disembarked the latests, I advise all cruisers not to do so...disembarking soon could may be prevent this gang to search your luggage because of less time...Anyway, after calling and emailing celebrity cruises several times without any real answer from them I can say that they realy consider you as a "client" the day you sign for a new cruise, but do your best not to have such a problem that I have, otherwise, you will get absolutely no consideration at all...!!!

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    Conniemc Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    Nah, trust me, it wasn't the RCCL people. It was the local port employees. I had my new suitcase broken upon boarding...they expertly repaired it within 24 hours. It was broken by the port employees in San Diego.

    As far as the theft goes...I never pack anything of great value. I keep it on my person or carry on bag.

    I'm sorry for your experience, but I am surprised you didn't get any response whatsoever from Celebrity. I do agree with you about when you disembark, whether at an airport or port, the longer the bag 'just sits there' the longer the chance something could happen to it. I always disembark immediately. I'd rather sit in an airport than the Celebrity
    Theater (on the floor mobbed)

    Again, sorry for your loss....but I honestly wouldn't place the blame on RCCL on this one. Those security people who swipe your card in and out, etc. value their jobs far too much for petty thefts.

    Now airport and port security...another matter entirely.

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    Mbandy Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    Sorry to hear of your bad experience. This should be a lesson to anyone reading that you should not pack valuables in your checked bags. My carry on bag usually contains my digital camera and accessories, ipod, travel speakers, battery charger and anything else that would cost big bucks to replace. When I traveled over Thanksgiving I was scolded by the TSA for bringing my battery charger in my carry on...but I'm not sure why =huh

    Eric, perhaps posting your misfortune will prevent this from happening to someone in the future. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Conniemc Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    scolded by the TSA for bringing my battery charger

    That's a riot Michael...they are like the Keystone Kops...I think they make stuff up so they can give you a hard time. They "legalized" disposable lighters 6 months ago...and yet people are still having them confiscated by the minimum wage, poorly informed TSA staff.

    We just have to deal with them....:o

    I have been tempted at times to check my carry on bag (especially in large airports where dragging it around gets really old), and never had a theft, but I am aware I am taking chances anytime I put valuables in some airport or sea port employees hands.

    If the poster is still reading...sometimes you homeowners or other insurance coverage will replace the articles.

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    Mbandy Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    =yeah Conniemc. My carry on bag is more like an over the shoulder briefcase. I have had the bag hand inspected a few times, particularly because the battery charger does look a bit odd when x-rayed but never told I shouldn't bring it in my carry on. My second "personal item" I always cary on is my snorkel bag containing my fins and mask, another irreplacable item. They never search that one :lol

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    strollerfreak Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    Try bringing a breastpump through security...that's always fun now. (td)

    Usually though if you announce really loudly when the TSA agent asks "who's black bag is this" IT'S MY BREASTPUMP it's amazing how quickly it goes back through the X-ray machine and is never hand searched. (:D

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    Conniemc Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    This last trip a few weeks ago, they "stole" my hairspray (ohhhh...soooo dangerous!) :S and a large bottle of Stoly I had carefully padded into my carry on as a gift for a neighbor. I told them to enjoy their Screwdrivers for the next month (they - 3 different TSA agents 'diiscussed' whether or not to take of them wanted to personally 'dispose' of it was taken.) and thanks to my lethal hairspray being lifted, I had to arrive at my destination looking like I was wearing a fright wig. Boy, I sure miss the pre 9/11 days....B)-

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    Mbandy Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    It is amazing how they keep changing what you can and can not bring on. A few years ago I forgot that I had a pair of sharp pointed scissors in my carry on. I was so completely embarrased because I would never think of bringing them on the plane. They were confiscated of course. Today I could bring them on with no problem....but a bottle of Old Spice? No way. Go figure.

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    Ryne08Rich47 Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    Mbandy, what airport were you in that gave you a hard time on your battery charger? I'm planning on bringing my digital camera battery charger, and my GPS through Orlando and Miami Airport in March.

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    Mbandy Guest

    Re: Organised robbery on board Galaxy

    It was LAX.

    I have carried that charger through many, many airports' security and no one has said anything. There are some new rules about lithium batteries since that happened. Here's a link to the TSA website and an article discussing batteries.

    I think it's funny that an article on the TSA website says to keep equipment and batteries with you and NOT in your checked bags. As Conniemc pointed out, it isn't very uniform sometimes. Having said that, I am glad the TSA is on the job. Security can sometimes be a hassle but it is a necessary part of life in this day and age.


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