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    Squire5000 Guest

    Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>Does anyone know if you can you pack hair dryers, curling irons, etc., in your carry on luggage? Going to the cruise ship is not a big deal as that type of stuff will be packed in the checked baggage. However, when you disembark from the ship you have to put your big stuff out the night before and Phystee wants to be able to use these things before we leave for our flight home and put them in the carry on luggage.</HTML>

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    Toto Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>I didn't have a problem with my hair dryer or curling iron in my carry ons, never questioned or had anyone check it. What they are looking for are things that could be possibly used as a weapon (such as any sharp objects) to include eyelash curlers (never been able to figure that one out), tweezers, anything on that order.</HTML>

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    Toto Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>Opps! Forgot to mention things like sissors and any type of knife. If you pack your carry on and just think of anything that could be used to injure another person can't be in there, that is all you will have to do. (I think I repacked mine twice just to make sure) :lol</HTML>

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>Toto-I am soooooo glad that you didn't forget to mention the eyelash curlers. :lol :lol :lol :lol</HTML>

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    Jim Munkittrick Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>Why carry all that stuff?
    Use it in the am, leave a spot in your luggage, when you claim it on the pier, just unzip, slip it in and free up you arms for hugging your spouse one more time!</HTML>

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    CruiseDiva Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>Jim has a great suggestion--especially, the hug your spouse part :)

    I always carry a curling iron in my carry-on and it's never been a cause for concern in recent years. However, many years ago, I was detained by security at O'Hare in Chicago until they determined the curling iron in my bag was NOT a gun!!! Mind you, in those days a curling iron was not as common a grooming aid as it is now ;)


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    Toto Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>Linda, I remember reading the full story of your epic of the curling iron in Chicago. Although I am sure it was pretty scary at the time, it was amazing reading after the fact.</HTML>

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    schmerl Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>USAir now allows tweezers and clippers in carry-ons. Go to your airline's website. Most of them list what is allowed on their flights.</HTML>

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    CruiseDiva Guest

    Re: Carry On Luggage - Curling Irons

    <HTML>Yes,Toto, it was pretty scary to a 30-year old. Yikes! That was twenty-plus years ago!!! Curling irons weren't real common then ;)

    I'll never forget the look on my husband's face as the guard held me in a choke hold with my hands behind my back. I'm 5'5" and probably weighed 105 pounds at the time... not exactly the "profile" of a hijacker. But, then, neither are many of the people being "wanded" and "frisked" these days. I really appreciate good airport security, despite delays and inconvenience.



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