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    earl_m Guest

    check your days!!

    In this month Mariners mag. there is a web site where you can check on how many days you have cruise with HAL and which cruises .
    They had it right, 6 cruises and 55 days. there is also a drawing for a cruise if
    you check your history on this site.

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    earl_m Guest

    Re: check your days!!

    I forgot to give the address, www.

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    Krazy Kruizers Guest

    Re: check your days!!

    We haven't gotten a Mariner's magazine in a couple of years.

    But we did get an e-mail from HAL about 6 weeks ago -- there were errors in our days.

    They are now corrected.

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    Re: check your days!!

    obviously, i am missing something,i hope someone can help me. i got my mariners magazine(holland America Lines).it told me to update my cruise info before 31 jan 08. I searched for www.mariners.holland & that search brought me to cruise addicts,i registered, but i find no place to updATE my cruise info.i would be g
    grateful to anyone who can put me on the right track.

    bill donovan

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    Krazy Kruizers Guest

    Re: check your days!!

    It has been over 2 years since we have gotten the Mariner's Magazine.

    You need to contact the Mariner's Society in Seattle:

    OverviewID LookupAward LevelsTilesFAQsWorld's Leading Cruise Lines

    Mariner Society

    All guests who sail with Holland America Line are automatically welcomed into the Mariner Society. As part of this family of past guests, you will receive special offers on upcoming cruises as well as insider information concerning new ships and
    product enhancements.

    Mariner Society benefits on cruises of 7 or more days include:

    Preferred pricing on many cruises.
    Champagne reception and awards party: hosted by the Captain and available only to Mariner Society members.
    Lapel pins and medallions to acknowledge your Holland America Line cruise history.
    A special Collectable gift in your stateroom.
    Complimentary subscription to Mariner, a full-color magazine featuring news and Mariner Society savings.
    Mariner bag tags and buttons: these identify you as a member of the Mariner Society during embarkation.*offered on any
    length cruise

    View the new Mariner Magazine Winter 2009

    Once you complete your first cruise with us, your Mariner ID number will be assigned and available for lookup online.

    Mariner ID Lookup

    Award Levels

    In addition to special pricing on many cruises, Mariner Society members receive special recognition and amenities while onboard, including a collectible gift and an invitation to the Mariner champagne reception hosted by the captain. At these celebrations members who have reached a cruising milestone are presented with an award signifying our appreciation of their ongoing loyalty.

    Mariner Society Award Levels (effective as of 1/1/2000)

    25 Blue cloisonné lapel pin
    50 Red cloisonné lapel pin
    100 Copper medallion & lapel pin
    300 Silver medallion & lapel pin
    500 Gold medallion & lapel pin
    700 Platinum medallion & lapel pin

    * To calculate cruise mileage, each day on a Holland America Line ship is equal to 350 miles

    Holland America Line Mariner Society Collectable "Tegels"

    As a member of the Holland America Line Mariner Society, you will receive a collectable tegel (Dutch word for "tile") on each Holland America cruise beginning with your second cruise. The master craftsmen of Royal Goedewaagen, Holland - producers of authentic Delftware since 1610 - have created these tiles for Holland America Line. Each year, the master decorators create new designs for the tiles, which become part of a series of collector's items available only to guests of Holland America Line. We do not sell the Mariner Society tiles. They are given to our Mariner Society members during their second cruise and all subsequent cruises.

    We are excited to introduce our newest Mariner Tiles, selected to celebrate four design details from our collection of beloved late 19th to mid 20th century Holland America Line posters. Each tile's
    strong dynamic lines and sweeping curves speak to the elegant, stylish sophistication that is Holland America Line.



    2005 through 2006 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I become a member?

    A: You automatically become a member of the Mariner Society when you take your first Holland America Line cruise. There is no cost to join and membership is permanent with no need for renewal. If you have not cruised with us since the late 1980's we may not have a record of your cruise. If this is the case, we will gladly enroll you in the Society and assign you a Mariner I.D. number. In order to do this, we will need the name of the ship you sailed on, the month and year you sailed and your destination, (Alaska, Caribbean, etc), as well as the number of days you sailed.

    Q: How do I find my Mariner ID number?

    A: As a member of the Mariner Society you will receive mailings from us. Your nine-digit Mariner I.D. number will always be near your name on the address label. You can also look up your Mariner ID number online. To quickly retrieve your Mariner number online, please include your zip code of your residence at the time you sailed, as well as the spelling of your name at the time of your cruise.

    Q: What does membership in the Mariner Society entitle me to?

    A: Mariner members receive:

    Special pricing on cruises to many Holland America Line cruise destinations.
    An invitation to the Mariner party on all cruises of seven or more days
    Recognition awards for number of days sailed. See the Award levels page for details.
    A special collectable gift in your cabin on cruises of 7 or more days.
    Special bag tags and badges in your cruise documents when your Mariner ID number is included in your reservation.
    Mariner Magazine sent three times a year to our most recent and frequent guests. Mariner Magazine Online
    Mailings about new programs and special offers.
    E-mail messages about special offers if you give us your E-mail address. Sign up to receive special Mariner savings by e-mail.

    Q: Are Mariner amenities offered on every cruise?

    A: Mariner amenities apply to all cruises of 7 days or longer. Mariner luggage tags and buttons are in document packets for all cruise lengths, provided your Mariner number is in your booking record.

    Q: Will I get a membership card?

    A: We do not issue membership cards. The only time you need your Mariner number is when you make a reservation.

    Q: When making a reservation, how do I identify myself as a Mariner?

    A: Whenever you make a reservation for a Holland America Line cruise, be sure to give your Travel Agent your Mariner I.D. number. When your Mariner number is part of your reservation, you will receive Mariner bag tags and buttons with your travel document package, and the ship will receive a report showing your Mariner status and the number of days sailed. The bottom right corner of the Immigration Form in your travel document package also asks you to indicate the number of days sailed.

    Q: How do I keep current on Mariner Society information?

    A: It is important to us to keep you informed about special offers and new programs. Mariner mailings and emails are sent periodically throughout the year in addition to Holland America Line's Special Offers. We encourage you to register your email address on line and complete the survey portion of the registration so we know the destinations you are interested in.

    Q: Are special Mariner savings available for every cruise?

    A: In some destinations like the Caribbean there are many choices of cruise lines, itineraries and prices. In very competitive destinations we offer our best price to all guests. You will still receive all the onboard amenities provided to Mariners.

    Q: How do I contact the Mariner Society?

    A: You can contact us through the following methods.

    Call: 1-800-547-9139
    Fax: 1-206-298-3854
    Mariner Society
    Holland America Line
    300 Elliott Avenue West
    Seattle, WA 98110
    Email Mariner Society

    Q: When should I contact the Mariner Society?

    A: Contact the Mariner Society to

    Change your address

    Correct errors in your name or address

    Q: Is there a difference between the Mariner Society and the Alumni program?

    A: In 2000, Holland America Line's Alumni program for loyal guests became the Mariner Society. In making the transition, changes were made to the program's award levels. The color of the metal for the medallion or pin (gold, silver, and platinum) changed from one program to another. The value of a medallion or pin is based on the number of cruise days you have sailed on Holland America Line.

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    Bob and Mary Guest

    Re: check your days!!

    I had the same problem.....finally used google and just entered "mariners.hollandamerica" and the correct site came up..good luck

    Bob and Mary

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    Krazy Kruizers Guest

    Re: check your days!!

    We actually had to call HAL to get the days straightened out.

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    earl_m Guest

    Re: check your days!!

    I recieve my Mariner Magizine today. it was interesting to read, little bit about Alaska and the Yukon.

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    Krazy Kruizers Guest

    Re: check your days!!

    Never got one -- again!!

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    Re: check your days!!

    when I go to check your days, the results come up for my husband, but never mine.How can I find out?????


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