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    Krazy Kruizers Guest

    Eurodam - Tamarind Lunch Menu

    Hot and Sour Soup

    Asian Herb Szechuan Sesame Salad

    Steamed Classic Dumplings:
    Asian Pork
    Steam Vegetable
    Spinach and Mushroom
    Shrimp 'Shu Mat'

    From the Wok:
    Vegetable Spring Roll
    Spicy Crab Sushi Nugget
    Shrimp Won Ton Sticks
    Shrimp Spring Roll
    Spicy Crab Rangoon

    Holland America Line Culinary Fusion Sauces:
    Bora Bora BBQ - tomato, ginger, aged vinegar, soy sauce
    Mirin Pesto - sweet wine, soy, fresh basil, garlic, lemon grass
    Coco Churri - coconut, cilantro, chili, lime
    Shoyu Sabi - classic flavors of soy and wasabi

    Choice of One Dessert:
    Mango Sirbet
    Coconut Ice Cream
    Egg Tart
    Green Tea Tiramisu

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    Krazy Kruizers Guest

    Re: Eurodam - Tamarind Lunch Menu

    We were under the impression that we were to get one of each of the dim sum - but we did't.

    From the Steamed Dumplings we got 1 spinach and mushroom and 2 shrimp fixed 2 different ways.

    From the wok we got 1 each of everything except the shrimp spring roll.

    The day we were there, they were swamped with people -- chef just wasn't expecting so many people and couldn't keep up with everything.


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