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    Parrot Mom Guest

    NCL NY PORT to Airport (JFK)

    :SOkay.. can somebody give me a time frame.. .. How long would it take to get from the NCL Port in NYC to JFK to get a plane for Boston... We are hoping we could catch a noon flight.. or should I look for something later..Want to book a flight but don't want to be stressed getting to airport:angel

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    jetblue Guest

    Re: NCL NY PORT to Airport (JFK)

    On a good day probably about 30 minutes, plan on 45-60 min just in case.

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    suer182 Guest

    Re: NCL NY PORT to Airport (JFK)

    If all goes smooth it can be possible to make the noon flight, one minor hiccup well you know..... :)

    Book the later flight and if all goes smooth, try going stand-by on the earlier flight ????????

    My last sailing out of Manhattan, we had to wait for a taxi. Something I never thought about being Manhattan but then again that is their main means of transportation there. So trying to catch a taxi at 8:30 AM on a weekday, hah. I was able to go stand-by on the 10:30 am flight back home on USAIR out of LGA.

    they have a dispatch line. When a taxi dropped someone off at the pier they came up to pick up another party. It was not a sea of yellow like FLL is on disembarkation morning. Maybe the sea of yellow line might form after rush hour.

    Another option instead of relying on a taxi is a car service.

    I THINK that LGA is closer to the pier than JFK. But traffic in Manhattan is traffic in Manhattan.

    We stayed at a hotel in Time Square pre-cruise. It took 25 minutes to drive 11/2 miles to the pier.

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    Lisa63 Guest

    Re: NCL NY PORT to Airport (JFK)

    As surer says, Manhattan traffic is Manhattan traffic. The main time waster is getting from the west side of Manhattan, where the piers are located, to the east side of Manhattan, where the bridges or tunnels take you into Queens for the airport. I've made this trip several times... figure 45 minutes as an absolute minimum. Also, depending on the number of ships in port, there might be a wait of an hour or more for a taxi. They are not lined up neatly to go. What we do instead is to exit the terminal at street level (one level below taxi level), cross 12th Avenue, and get a taxi on the other side of the street. It means carrying your luggage for about a block, yet it's better than standing with 1,000 other parties at the terminal hoping that the next taxi will take you.

    As for the 12:00 flight...yes, if all goes smoothly. I wouldn't chance it. How much later is the next flight?

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    herb Guest

    Re: NCL NY PORT to Airport (JFK)

    Are you certain you're leaving from JFK for a flight to Boston? LaGuardia is New York City's domestic airport... JFK is international flights (unless it's a JetBlue flight)....

    Anyhow... figure on one hour from pier to airport... that should be enough time. If you're traveling on a weekend the time will be shorter.

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    WCoastCdnCruisers Guest

    Re: NCL NY PORT to Airport (JFK)

    Check with NCL before you book that flight. When we sailed on the Dawn a couple of years ago we didn't get off the ship until almost 11:30 am. Of course we are Canadians and had to wait for Customs to arrive but most of the passengers were not disembarked until after 10:00. Ask NCL what time they suggest for flights, that will give you a good idea. You can also book Super Shuttle but be very careful about the time you tell them to pick you up ... they don't stay around long if you aren't waiting. Have a great cruise, I loved NY and Manhattan .... dream of going back and spending more than 2 days. Laurey

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    pegport Guest

    Re: NCL NY PORT to Airport (JFK)

    Sailed the Dawn last June 08 and disembarkation was smooth as can be making catching a flight worry free. Returned from sailing the Gem 3/14/09 and disembarkation was a nightmare for not only those getting a flight, but for anyone with limo transportation. My suggestion would be in addition to the recommended 1 hour travel time to the airport you might want to allow for 2 hours to get off the ship just to be safe. Customs was not a was simply lack of organization on board. Disappointing to say the least. NCL, obviously, lacks consistency.


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