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    Question Carnival Dream or Carnival Freedom

    After several weeks of talking and checking with my wife, we have narrowed down to two cruise choices.
    The Carnival Dream 7-day cruise or the Carnival Freedom 8-day cruise.
    Both ships looks like they be good and am uncertain of which we should pick.
    I like the idea of an 8-day cruise vs. 7-day cruise.
    But the Dream is a newer ship and looks to have a big water park, which I would not mind trying myself.
    My wife does not care what port we visit as much as the ship itself.
    Any feed back will be most helpful.
    Thank you.

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    Blush Re: Carnival Dream or Carnival Freedom

    Either one would be a great cruise, have a wonderful time

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    Re: Carnival Dream or Carnival Freedom

    I have never been on the Freedom, but was on the Dream and it's a great ship! You don't give us "much to go on" for advice, but for me, personally, the tie breaker would be the 8 days over the 7 days!
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    Re: Carnival Dream or Carnival Freedom

    The Dream is a wonderful ship and I LOVED our cove balcony. Never been on the Freedome but been on Liberty and Glory and they are great ships. I'd go for the 8 days if it was me.

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    Re: Carnival Dream or Carnival Freedom

    You want to compare the Carnival Dream to the Carnival Freedom, but in your poll you did not include a category for making the ship the most important.

    Since I have been to many of the ports, I am now more interested in the ship. Since I have been on the Carnival Glory, which is a sister to the Freedom, I would choose the Dream. However, going for eight nights rather than seven is a plus for me.


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