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    Cinnamon Guest

    Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>We have been given a great quote for a cruise on Star Princess for 1 years' time. It is for apprx. $1060 including 1 night hotel, flights from London to LA and an inside cabin.

    This seems to be too good to miss and must be booked by the end of this month.

    HOWEVER, what concerns me is what will the weather be like and will the seas be rough.
    Has anyone cruised these waters at this time of year?

    Cinnamon :kitten</HTML>

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    Beryl Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>Cinnamon, I did the Mexican Riviera in March and it was beautiful. Seas were quite calm. The worst weather we had was in LA. It was cold and rainy as we waited for our ship but one day at sea and we were in tropical weather.</HTML>

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    Audrey Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>We were on the Sea Princess Jan 11 thru Jan 19 and the Star Princess wil we doing their itinerary next year at this time. The weather was just great not too hot for Mexico but you could sit out at the pool and feel great. It seas were like glass you did not even know that you even on a ship. It was the greatest cruise and the STAR Princess is going to be a great ship also.</HTML>

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    Frank Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>The first day out and last day in will be very cool. Just plan indoors activities that day. It seems like such a long way for a 7 day cruise. Why not add to their free night and come in a few days early.</HTML>

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    Sandy Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>Cinnamon, we did that cruise in March, and it was cold the first day, but after that it was perfect. It's a nice itinerary as well. If you're looking to cruise that time of year, and with that price, I wouldn't hesitate! I doubt I could get a price that good from NY!</HTML>

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    Cinnamon Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>Thanks for the help. Frank, if we take the cruise, we will fly in 1 week early and visit Palm Springs for some extra sun.


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    NiteStar Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>I did the Mexican Riviera in April a couple of years ago on the Sun Princess. It departed from Acapulco and ended up in San Francisco. Everything was fine until we came "around the corner" so to speak after leaving Cabo San Lucas. The weather outside was in the forties and the wind chill made is much much colder. Needless to say, I never stepped out on deck the last two days of the cruise!</HTML>

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    BruinSteve Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    Sounds like you need some advice from a native...
    I'm here in Southern California and probably know this region as well as anyone...

    My advice: Take the deal!!

    Basically, when you take this cruise, you are transitioning between a couple of very different climate zones...Los Angeles, at one end of the cruise, and Puerto Vallarta, at the other, are distinctively different...

    LA is in a zone known as the "Chaparal" or "Mediterranean" Climate Zone...There are only a few places in the world which share this unique climate: Coastal Southern California, Central Chile, Extreme Southwestern Australia, Capetown in South Africa, and areas of Greece, Israel, Italy, Southern tip of Spain near Gibralar and across the strait in Morocco...

    Basically, unlike most of the world, there is no rain in fact, there is very little precipitation year round...what there is though, comes in December, January or unpredictable 10 to 15 rainy days at most...

    350 days a year are clear and temperatures moderate...So, even in winter, there is a decent chance to have excellent weather...just can't guarantee it for any particular week...And, if February, you are taking your chances (although, today, for example, skies are blue and sunny and temperature in downtown LA Today will reach a high of 72 Fahrenheit...And last I checked, it's February...

    Baja California is very similar to LA in a lot of ways...but even less precipitation...So Cabo should be beautiful...probably Mazatlan as well...

    Puerto Vallarta actually brings you into an entirely different climate zone...somewhat "Subtropical"...Their rainy season is between Late July and September (The "Monsoon" Season)...The weather their is far more humid and hot...But, by going in February, you are actually missing the worst of PV's weather...

    All in all, you're missing the VERY HOT weather...Compared to most of the world, the weather you'll get should be close to idyllic (especially if you miss the rain in So Cal)...

    If that deal really includes Air fare RT from London, I'd be tempted to fly to London to take it!!!</HTML>

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    Mark Rosenthal Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>As my good friend and neighbor in Calabasas Steve says, "Take the deal". As previously stated it will be cool on the first and last days but the rest of the week should be beautiful. You will be in Mexico at a wonderful time with the days about 80 degrees with low humidity. The seas are calm on the way down and you may have a few pitches as you leave Cabo on the way back to L.A. but nothing to worry about.

    Again with the deal you received you shouldn't even think twice about coming but do try to come a few days earlier to rest and get used to the time change.

    I would love to meet you and the family if you do decide to take the trip.</HTML>

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    Cinnamon Guest

    Re: Mexican Riviera in February, what weather?

    <HTML>Thanks BruinSteve.
    We have visited California quite a lot as I have relatives in San Diego. However, they are in their late 80's now and we would not want to put on them for a week. Also, we have been to Palm Springs before (we have Timeshares we can exchange) and rather liked it there. Hopefully it would be warmer than the coast.

    The quote really does include airfares. The British prices have only recently started to reflect the change in the cruise industry since September 11th even though prices have climbed again in the US.

    Gotta make up our minds before Feb 28th. Is it a difficult decision?...NO.



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