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    Nicole Guest

    Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>I was wondering if any of the restaurants or eateries on the Carnival Triumph had a cover charge, or if everything was included?

    Also, could someone give me an idea of the offerings at the NY Deli on board?


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    jeffstern Guest

    Re: Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>None of the food venues have an extra charge for food.
    The N.Y. Deli has bagels, lox, cream cheese, corned beef, pastrami, etc; Very much what you'd expect to find in a deli.
    Hong Kong Noodle Factory has different oriental dishes, daily.</HTML>

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    Nicole Guest

    Re: Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>thanks - at the NY Deli, are the sandwiches pre-made or made to order? Do they have turkey? Sorry to dwell on this, but what they serve at this deli is one of the selling points to get my BF on the cruise, as he's a little hesitant about eating in the dining rooms, and wants to know his other options!</HTML>

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    CruisingBryan Guest

    Re: Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>Why would anyone be hesitant about eating in the dining rooms on a cruise ship? That is one of the huge benefits of cruising, to be waited on hand and foot with a delightful number of choices on the menu. Surely the bf wouldn't want to eat in a deli for dinner?</HTML>

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    Nicole Guest

    Re: Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>Basically his hesitation comes from having to dress up and also sitting with other people (he's very shy). He doesn't mind putting on a pair of dockers and a dress shirt, but if a suit is involved, I don't think he'll do it...So I need to let him know what other options he has to eat on formal nights. Also, I have read that getting a table for 2 is not a guarantee.</HTML>

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    DeniseZ Guest

    Re: Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>There is always the Seaview Bristo in the evening. I have never eated in their but I understand the selections are similar to those in the dining room but you can dress very casual (i.e. shorts etc.). Anyone out there ever have dinner in one of Carnival's Seaview Bristo?</HTML>

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    robby Guest

    Re: Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>Nicole!!! HIII!!! xoxxxoxoo As far as the deli goes, i dont think that they had turkey available. But YES, they were made to order and they were very tasty:) Denise is correct about the casual dining available right there by the deli. The dining is served buffet style but some of the dishes r the exact same as what is served in the other dining rooms that nite. But u dont have to dress up or feel obligated to sit at a table with others:) Being the huge eater i am , ive been known to munch a few items off the early buffet at 6pm, to hold me over til my dinner at 830:) the lunch buffets and midnite buffets can be a lil IFFY somedays but ull usually find something to ur liking for the dinners there:) usually they will have a carved meat such as leg of lamb, prime rib, as well as a seafood selections:) Ull LOVE the triumph if ur not afraid of a crowded atmosphere here and there. If u do eat at the buffets, go either as SOON as they open, oe either wait for maybe an hour for their to be little or no line:) If u dont have a blacony and want a quiet place to sit, go to deck 3 either side of the atrium area r doors that lead out to nice cushioned chairs:) peace out robby:)</HTML>

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    bOB Guest

    Re: Carnival Triumph - cover charge restaurants?

    <HTML>Get him to throw in at least a jacket and a tie, for formal night, just in case. About the second day he will find out how friendly an atmosphere it is and if you have good table mates you will be looking forward to dinner in the dining room.</HTML>


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