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    Christie Guest

    Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>Hi all, i'm a newbie here. We are going on our first cruise this Thursday. Leaving from Galveston on the Carnival Celebration. (Since then i've learned a lot, think i will book on a REALLY nice ship next time but i think this will be nice enough and plan on having a blast!) Anyway, i was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere online i can print off coupons for money off for excursions/souveniers/restaurants? I found one for a free margarita/ice cream for Mr. Sanchos. Anyone been there? I loooove mexican food, hope i won't be disappointed. I hope i don't sound bad, just may as well get all the deals you can!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Natalia Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>Deals are great Christie.... but please be careful eating in Cozumel, it isnt recommended if you dont really know where to go. Maybe ask for some suggestions here if you'd really like an authentic mexican meal, but be very cautious of just stopping in the first place you see. Only other advice I can give you to save money is to do your tours on your own. You can get to just about every where on Cozumel without taking the ships tours, unless you are going to the mainland. Have a great time!! and if I dont see you before Thursday, Bon Voyage :wave</HTML>

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    DonnaL Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    Going to Carlos and Charles?
    Take this coupon ..really good ribs (yum yum)</HTML>

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    S. Lynn Piland Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>Hey Christie

    Good advice about watching what you daughter got sick there several years ago from the food. But we are also leaving this Thursday on Celebration and can't wait.

    I have been on newer and older ships and I think a cruise is the best way to go. It is whatever you make it to be.

    Have a great time.</HTML>

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    sail7seas Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>Sometimes at the Visitors Center at most ports, they give out booklets, brochures etc and there are coupons in the "tourist guides".


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    Sunshine Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>Welcome to the board and have a great cruise. You will love it.

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    KatWheel Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>Welcome :newbie!! Have a fantastic cruise.</HTML>

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    bOB Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>welcome Aboard.......... </HTML>

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    Mimi Guest

    Re: Coupons for Cozumel???

    <HTML>Hi Christie! We visited Mr. Sancho's Beach in December. Beautiful place! Tables and beach chairs right on a pristine sandy beach. There is a roped off swimming area plus a place to change and showers. The food smelled delicious, but I agree with the others, please be careful. We also used the coupons we printed online. Our waiter had never seen one before, so took it back to the bar. He returned wih free maragaritas and a big, friendly smile. We are planning to stop over in Cozumel on our next cruise in March. We plan to return to Mr. Sancho's Beach. Have a great cruise!


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