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    Microwave and refrig in your cabin?

    My wife has severe food allergies and needs to be able to cook her own food. Are there any cruise lines that offer cabins with microwave and refrigerator? Thanks.

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    Re: Microwave and refrig in your cabin?

    Refridge is not a problem, most lines above a basic cabin will have a fridge in them, and if not for a couple of dollars a day you can request one in the cabin. Microwave is a different story, the only time I have seen microwaves is in owner or penthouse suites, you would have to contact the cruiseline to see if they would make one available to you.
    As a second note, most all cruise lines are accommodating, if you provide information as to your wife's specific needs they will do their best. This needs to be done prior to your
    cruise so the sooner you contact the line the better.

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