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    nrichard Guest


    I have read on other message boards that in Cozumel you can purchase antibiotics, etc. without a prescription. Drugs that normally require a prescription in USA. Does anyone know where you can purchase these products and if there is a website or list of the products you can purchase in Cozumel? I am not trying to stock pile, but if I can get antibiotics or similar at a discounted price I am all for it.

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    Barry Cunningham Guest

    Re: antibiotics/Cozumel

    Go to the Main plaza area downtown then up 3rd street half a block to the 'great American drug Store' I think is the name, run by an American and his wife , nice folk. We have bought antibiotic there many times and they know what they are doing. Half of U.S. prices...but be careful...I'm assuming you know what your buying. Don't experiment!! You can buy more shall we say 'controlled' drugs for a fee from the 'doctor' for $35.00 plus the cost of the drugs according to 'sources' :) Not that you'd DO that of course...

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    Barry Cunningham Guest

    Re: antibiotics/Cozumel

    P.S. no list but I think you can find them on the web...

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    Barry Cunningham Guest

    Re: antibiotics/Cozumel

    found 'em...
    be careful...the directions on boxes, etc. are in Spanish...very dangerous indeed!

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    Seawall Guest

    Re: antibiotics/Cozumel

    What about meds for blood pressure? I've heard you can get Altace there.............

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    Lucy Guest

    Re: antibiotics/Cozumel

    I have been buying medical drugs from Mexico
    since the 1970's. I only buy what I need. I don't overload on buying too many meds.
    Most Pharmacies in Mexico know which drugs are the favorites for Americans. Some pharmacies have them all lined up on their counters. I like to buy Ceclor which is an antibiotic. You will notice a date of expiration on the box. Most meds are in boxes. It will also have a price in pesos. They will tell you how much it is in dollars. If you want to buy valium which is a controled drug in Mexico too, you can just show them your prescription and they will fill it and give you back your prescription to show customs if you have to. Any Mexico doctor can also give you a prescription for any controlled drug that you need. But you have to pay them for the visit. He will also give you a prescription that you take to the Pharmacist and you will get your prescription back to carry across the border with you.
    This is what I do when I am on a cruise ship and stop in Mexico. I take my prescription bottles mostly empty. When I buy a drug I need I just put them in my bottles. I also like to buy drugs that are not sold in U.S. like Buscapina. The drug is similar to Bentyl for stomach spasms. It is made in Germany. Mexico has drugs mostly made in U.S., Germany, France. I think their drug choices are better than U.S. because they have excellant drugs from other countries that are better made. The U.S. drug companies control what meds get into the U.S. They want all of the drugs to be controlled and sold by U.S. companies. Meanwhile, I feel I am losing out on some wonderful meds that are made in other countries. I recently bought a drug in Vancouver, Canada, that has been sold there for 30years over the counter for irritable bowel syndrome. Yet, U.S. has never approved it for us. Canada also has some wonderful meds that we don't have in U.S. My brother's wife has high blood pressure and wants to buy their meds in Mexico because it is cheaper. I plan to do the same in my future if I am not able to afford American prices. When I went to Europe I also had a great time buying drugs that had not been approved in U.S. at the time. I bought the estrogen gel in Paris, France in 1996. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all. I saw an American man who bought $300. dollars worth of drugs in a Pharmacy. He wanted to pay with a credit card but they wouldn't accept his card because the amount was too high. It is people like him who mess it up for the rest of us who only want to buy drugs for our own use. Some people just over do it.

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    Kroooz-cams Guest

    Re: antibiotics/Cozumel

    Just a quick note to say that pharmacies in Mexico are government controlled. Prices are fixed by the government. There are pharmacies everywhere. That is not to say that some independents won't add profit to their merchandise however. Government controlled pharmacies are small and for the most part only sell drugs. It is much cheaper than buying in the US and you do not need to make an office visit. I have been taking 40mg Pepcid for the past 28 years as well as Librax. Not real serious meds but certainly less expensive and easier to obtain in Mexico. They also sell Cipro.



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