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    Donna Guest

    May Birthday / Anniversary!

    Here are the May Birthday / Anniversary's.

    CruisinPat & Craig (Anniv) 2nd
    Niecez & Bill (Anniv) 2nd
    Steve (Steve & Trudy) 4th
    Roger Olga’s Hubby) 6th
    Mama Tene (Chris) & Papa Tom54 (Tom) (Anniv) 8th
    KruzinKat (Anniv) 10th
    Kathy R & Daryl (Anniv) 16th
    Shelby 12th
    Kathy R & Daryl (Anniv) 16th
    Glo ree bee 16th
    Marye & Rick (Anniv) 18th
    Ingrid 19th
    Beverley S. 21st
    Juiliana 22nd
    Rocster 24th
    Jacki (jeffstern’s Other Half) 28th
    Don (mgram’s Hubby) 29th
    CruisinPat 31st - (50)

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    glo-ree-bee Guest

    Re: May Birthday / Anniversary!

    What a nice thing for you to do, Donna. I notice you always keep up with the birthdays, anniv, etc.
    You are a dear. And now to post the list for all--that is truly kind.

    Now to remember to get on tomorrow to wish CruisinPat and Niecz happy greetings!

    We all need to thank YOU.

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    Cruz'n_Carol Guest

    Re: May Birthday / Anniversary!

    Cruz'n_Carol 20th.

    <img src=>

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    Donna Guest

    Re: May Birthday / Anniversary!

    Sorry Cruz'n Carol - I added you to the master list.
    Thanks for letting me know.

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: May Birthday / Anniversary!



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