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    herb Guest

    NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>Good morning to all :
    In the past we took a taxi to pier. We MIGHT drive to the pier this time. We know how to get there. Just wondering if the Long Term Lot is ever closed because it is full!! Would hate to drive there and find out there is no more room. Then what!!! Is the lot secure?? We have a new car and would hate to come back and there is no car or a car without wheels etc! Thanks for info. - herb
    ...38 days to Victory to Canada.</HTML>

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    Jamman & Patti Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>Hey Herb!! The last 3 cruises that we took out of NYC, we had no problems parking at the pier. We always got there early, so never faced a full lot. The lot is secure. For $18. a day it had better be!! LOL.
    Have a great cruise on the Victory. We did!! :D


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    Syd Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>Question regarding the pier we are going out of New York next year (planning way ahead). Can you tell me where the pier is? Is it by the Interpid muesum? If so think I have an idea. Thanks</HTML>

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    Karen Webb Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>I believe it is there. I know that it is 12th Avenue. The upper cross street is around 55th St. I'm going in to NYC in a couple of weeks to check out the situation. My husband and I are sailing on the Pacific Princess to Bermuda 8/12/01. I'm still trying to figure out how we are going to get into + out of the city. We're going in 2 days before by train. We were just going to come home by limo. If it is indeed only $18.00/day, it will be cheaper to park in the long-term parking almost. I'll check out how packed it is when I go as I'm going to go in on a Sunday so that I can see the ship ahead of time....Karen</HTML>

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    Judi Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>One other thing, unless they've changed.....

    They only take CASH, and possibly Traveler's credit cards or personal checks.

    ~~~~~~~Judi in Hamilton NJ~~~~~~~
    Wishing you Blue Skies & Calm Seas!</HTML>

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    Jamman and Patti Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>Yes, the cruise ship piers (88,90,92) are right next door to the Intrepid Museum. Entrance to the piers is at 12th Ave. & 55th St. Photo below shows pier 88 right next door to the Intrepid.



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    Jamman and Patti Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>One other thing, the long term parking is right on top of the piers. Drop off your luggage at your pier BEFORE heading up to park. You're not guaranteed to park at the pier you are sailing from!!


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    Barbara(k) Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>Try this link.

    We asked about NYC parking previously, this is a great help.
    We cruise on October from there.</HTML>

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    rqf Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>Parking is $18 a day and credit cards and checks are not accepted. If you are coming from the north on the West Side highway there is a new approach to the pier parking. As you approach 57th Street stay all the way to the right and there is a large sign indicating approach to the roof top parking. If coming from the south you must go to W.55th to get to pier parking. A word of advice if approaching for the north. The West Side highway becomes very congested on sailing days as you approach 57th Street. You could avoid this heavy traffc if you exit the West Side Highway at 79th Street. Go to West End Ave.(2nd traffic light) and make a right. Go to W. 55th and make a right. West End Ave. becomes 11th Avenue below 59th St.</HTML>

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    Walter Stinson Guest

    Re: NYC Pier- Long Term Parking

    <HTML>Does anyone know how far the doubletree hotel is from the pier? Thanks!</HTML>


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