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    MikeInPgh Guest

    Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    My wife and I are thinking about a cruise in late Feb or early March and we would most likely be leaving out of Ft Lauderdale.

    Has anyone (I am sure someone here has) cruised from there at that time of year?

    We are looking at either Princess or RCCL.

    I am fairly certain that there would not be many kids (college and otherwise) on the ships, but what about the airport and the Embassy Suites? We were think about arriving a day or two early and staying a day or two late.

    And what about in the ports? My guess is that the Western Carib ports might have more kids than the Southern. Fair assumption?

    I know, never assume....

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    BruinSteve Guest

    Re: Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    Spring Break spreads out over several weeks since all colleges are not on the same calendar...You might be a bit early and miss it though as most schools it's in March/April...

    We did a cruise out of Florida one year in April and it really wasn't that bad...

    My suggestion is to CALL HOTELS NOW and see if reservations are easily available...If they are, you're probably not looking at Spring Break...If you have a reservation, you can always avoid the kids' hangouts before you board the ship, if necessary...

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    SandyBeach Guest

    Re: Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    I asked a similar question on a different board a couple of years ago about when Spring Break was. I got many replies and was surprised to find that very few of those that responded had Spring Break the same week. We ended up going on a short cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada on the Carnival Holiday. It was the first cruise we had taken our teen sons was around the 20th of February and there weren't many kids on board - much to my youngest son's dismay. Most of March and the first half of April were the dates most often given for spring break.

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    jlj Guest

    Re: Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    We have a "mid-winter" break the middle of Feb - it's ridiculous!! The kids just get back into the swing of things from Christmas break, and then they get this one. Then 6 weeks later - spring break!! Everyone seems to have a different break, and schools that go year round can have a couple weeks off anytime. Your TA might be able to tell you how many kids are booked?

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    BurBunny Guest

    Re: Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    Was on the Grand Princess Western Caribbean this past Easter. The Embassy Suites had a large booking of high school swimmers booked, but even with all those kids, was still a very nice stay.

    Princess limits the number of children onboard, so while they were at capacity (I think 600), it still wasn't bad. I don't think there were college spring breakers onboard...or if there were, they were no issue at all.

    I believe the beach areas are more an issue for the college students than the hotels near the port.

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    Have the same "break" schedule as jlj here.

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    Al Guest

    Re: Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    If you're going in February, you should be fine. As noted above, most spring breaks are in March and April. Your best bet is to check pricing. I can virtually guarantee that the higher the fare, the closer it is to the onslaught weeks. Cruise lines keep track of this stuff, and don't miss an opportunity to collect a few bucks more - smart business! By all means, look at the Carnival Legend (absolutely magnificent ship) sailing out of FLL (not quite as chaotic as Miami). Whatever you choose, enjoy!!

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    Tim and Elaine Guest

    Re: Cruising in Feb or March - Spring Break Problems?

    We always cruise the middle of Feb. because two of our group's couples are teachers and use the break time to their advantage. We've never had a problem with either the FLL airport or the ship. We've used both Princess and Celebrity. Will be flying down a day early this time(Feb.23, '03) staying at the Westin($79.) and doing the Grand to the Western Carib. Good luck and let us know what you've decided.


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