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    Hugger Guest

    Cruise Connection Bus in FL

    Has anyone used the Cruise Connection Motorcoach Service in Florida lately? Specifically in the Tampa Bay area.
    We are booked on the the "Love Boat Express" operated by Cruise Connection for the 9th of Nov - currently ticketed to go out of Clearwater Denny's. However, this location of Denny's has been closed down.
    As we have to be there at the wee hours of the morning not to excited about being dropped off in a dark deserted parking lot.
    Princess show's on our tickets that there is a Palm Harbor pick up point - this is where we live.
    Howevr, when we call Princess to change it we get differing accounts as to what to do.
    The told T.A. that we are not allowed to pick up here or it will cost 300.00 p.p. more as the rate they gave us for our cruise was for people leaving out of Clearwater. This is BOGUS as we were originally driving to Ft Lauderdale. Added Cruise Connection bus later when I remembered they had the bus service.
    Another person at Princess told me that we could just go to Palm Harbor location and get on the bus.
    Not sure what to do at this point.
    Wondering if anyone else has used the Cruise Connection Service recently - I want to be sure that they stop at Palm Harbor and allow us to board. It appears to be the same bus that stops in Clearwater.
    Another interesting thing for anyone else who may be taking the Love Boat Express. it appears that Princess is putting the WRONG departure time out of Clearwater on the transfer voucher. We were told to be there between 5 and 5:15 and the bus would depart at 6 a.m. Cruise Connection says the bus arrives at Clearwater at 6:45 a.m. to be there at 6:15. That is a very big difference when you're standing in the middle of a dark deserted parking lot for that long. Talk about a Prime Target for a mugging or robbery!!!

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    beachmom5 Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus in FL

    Try contacting them at their web site. They should have your name and pick up time.
    If you want to change it, inform them and you should not have any problems.

    We used them in the past but not lately.


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    sail7seas Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus in FL

    No reason they should expect you to stand in a dark, deserted parking lot at that hour...tell them they are putting your safety at risk.

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    Padme_Amidala_Skywalker Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus in FL

    I am just curious. What is the Love Boat express? I was on Pacific Princess 3 weeks ago to Bermuda. The one that they have sold that was the original Love Boat from the tv show. (The outside pictures anyway) I did not realize Princess had other ships called Love Boat. Maybe that is why they kept stressing Pacfic Princess was the original Love Boat. I thought it was because they have a new ship they named Pacific Princess that they will start up in 2003.

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    beachmom5 Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus in FL

    The "Love boat express" is what we call a bus service available here in Florida to the piers where you can board most of the ships not just Princess.

    Princess has leased with option to buy two of the Renaissance ships, one of which will replace the original Pacific Princess.



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