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Thread: Mornin' Y'all

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    Seawall Guest

    Mornin' Y'all

    Have a great day, everyone... Divetex and o2's, be careful packing, and remember to toast all of us landlocked @ddicts.
    Congrats to the Dixie Chicks for CMA Entertainers of the Year!

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    Darlene Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    A very Good Mornin' to everyone. Have a great day!

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    TAO Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    Good Morning All from Massachusetts.
    Another beautiful day in store. I need any prayers you may have for a family member.
    Theresa A

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    Lisa Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    Morning, y'all!

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    web Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    Good morning from the Mississippi Delta. . . . no future cruise in sight for me . . but somehow one must persevere . . .sigh
    At least our weather has been almost perfect . . .highs in the low 80's, lows in the mid 60's

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    beachmom5 Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    Top of the morning to all from Hutchinson Island Florida. Winds are 15 to 20 and seas are 2 to 4 today. Everything seems to be calming down. Will say an extra one for you TAO.

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    PEB Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    Good Morning from Duluth Minnesota. My TA told me that she has sent out my docs to me. Looks like the day is starting out right.

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    DisneyBlonde Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    Good Morning from the CT shoreline. Warm today, heat arriving for tomorrow, then back to cool for the weekend.

    Short work day for me today, son has a dr appt this afternoon...then we hit the beach!

    Have a great day everyone!


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    Debi [--} Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    Texas is sunny and getting hot today! Good morning everyone! - Debi

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    BarbC Guest

    Re: Mornin' Y'all

    <HTML>Sorry...nothing to do with the message; just looking for an older post to try a gif or 2 <IMG src=1.gif> If this works, I will be thrilled! <IMG src=1035-004-14-1027.gif>
    If it doesn't, oh well, maybe next time <IMG src+sylani.gif></HTML>


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