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Thread: Good Morning!!

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    Hooked Guest

    Good Morning!!

    My first night back to work!! It was really hard trying to sleep this PM. It's a long night. Have a great day everyone!!

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    Tero Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Don't get panic !, You will accustom to be a worker !
    anyhow, Good morning to You and all the others !

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    Gigi Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good morning Fellows

    I have have been up for a few hours.My husband just came in and says "you know if you did not get up at night you would not be so sleepy during the day".Gee! now why didn't I think of that? From now on when I cannot sleep (lately every night) I'll wake him up and we can talk until I do fall asleep! :grin

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    Sandy Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good Morning fellow early birds, and addicts! :)

    I seem to have the same problem lately. It must be all the excitement of holidays, and our upcoming cruise! Have a great day everyone! :wave

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    Carmaster Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good Morning Hooked and to all @addicts. Short on time this chilly morning, in ten hours I will be a SDM ! ! Now the crunch is on, to get everyone's details settled and all of us packed and ready. Off to the office, everyone take care and have a fabulous day. Regards..........Gene W.

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    Flyingfish Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good morning all, what a dark, cold, winter day (not even offically winter yet!) here in NY's Hudson Valley. We've GOT to book a cruise, I don't mind cold weather, but......
    Happy sailing.

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good morning from cold WNY

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    Kathy Atkins Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good a.m. Hooked, yup those "post-cruise-blues" are pretty rough, but don't know if your going on the CH@OS-cruise or not, but break out that cruise brochure and start planning on another cruise! In the mean time, hang in there! It's 40-degree's and misty here in Atlanta, going to be rainy here all day and not getting out of the 40's at all. Here's to wishing everyone a safe and pleasanr workday. :wave

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    Skwir Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good morning cruisers. Still unseasonably cold here in Phila. Makes me need a cruise bad. Not schedueled to sail until Aug. Way too long a wait


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    DeniseZ Guest

    Re: Good Morning!!

    Good morning @ddicts. Another cold morning in VA. Have a great day.


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