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    Jacque Guest

    Tender Required?

    I hope this is not a stupid question. But being a rookie cruiser, I figured, if I don't know, ask. My husband and I are goin on the Star Princess in 23 days (YEA!) we are figurin out which excursions to take. What does "tender required" mean? Any help or sugestions would be great.

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    Seawall Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    Tender required means that there is no pier for the ship to dock at; therefore, a small boat, called a tender, picks up passengers from the cruise ship, and takes them to the port. Don't worry, that was certainly not a stupid question. Any other questions, please feel free to ask! :thumb

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    Jacque Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    Thanks Seawall for the info.

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    CutiePatootie Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    As you are considering your excursions, remember to factor in time for the "tendering". Usually ship's tours people get first on but not always. Plan accordingly coming and going.

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    welcome to the board. No stupid questions here, just stupid answers.

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    Cricket Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    Jacque....Another important factor in tendering is that IF your ship says they will be giving numbers for tendering, you should be well aware of where to pick up your number, and get in line early, if you need to get off the ship as soon as it docks. 15 minutes in line waiting for a number, may mean 2 hours of waiting on a ship until your number is called. Each time it docks and they say tendering is needed you will have to get in line again.

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    seagarsmoker Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    Hey suer, I resemble that remark! lol

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    Frank Black Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    Assuming you are going on the Star Princess 7 day Mexico, Cabo is the only place you will tender in to shore. I am going on it in late March. Be sure to post a review of your trip.

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    CruisingBryan Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

    Tender is what you will be if you spend too much time in that Mexican sun !!!

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    2TallMike Guest

    Re: Tender Required?

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