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    DWMott Guest

    Parking at Port of Miami

    Does anyone have advice about parking at Port of Miami? Are there alternatives to the "official" parking area? Tips about saving time parking, transfering luggage, etc.

    Also, do any of the hotels near the port let you leave your car there while on the cruise if you spend the night before? And do they have transportation to the port?


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    CruiseDiva Guest

    Re: Parking at Port of Miami

    Alternatives to the parking at Miami's port would be pretty much limited to hotels or, possibly, a municipal garage facility. If you stay at a hotel for at least one night pre-cruise, you can sometimes leave your car there and take their shuttle/van to the pier. Some hotels offer transportation, others don't. There's no hard and fast rule about what's available, so your best bet is to call around and check. The last time we stayed near the pier in the Miami, which is a downtown area, we had to pay for parking at the hotel and it was more expensive than pier parking!

    At the port, it depends on which cruise line you are on as to the "type" of parking. Last time we cruised on NCL, we parked in a lot that was right across the street from the terminal--only steps away. RCI has a multi-level parking garage. In most instances, you can drive up and drop your luggage (and spouse/companion) off and then go park and walk back. Your spouse can get in line for check-in, saving some waiting time if the line is lengthy. Last time we parked at the port in Miami, the charge was $10 a night... you can find driving directions and parking info here <>

    Personally, I'd leave my car at the port... security is tight there and your vehicle will be safer. JMO

    Here's a tip for flyers... We often leave our car at a hotel near the Atlanta airport even when we don't stay there and pay $5 a night for parking--much cheaper than the airport lots and we take the hotel shuttle back and forth to the airport.

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    Gregory LaPlante Guest

    Re: Parking at Port of Miami

    I agree 100 percent with Cruise Diva we left from miami twice . drop off the luggage and poeple go and park the car, walk back and join up with your people in the line



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