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    seadog Guest

    Distance from cruise piers to Laguardia

    Does anybody know distance from cruise piers in New York to Laguardia Airport and appx. travel time?

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    SpongeRob Guest

    Re: Distance from cruise piers to Laguardia

    It's quite a hike, Earl. It took us about an hour to get from LaGuardia to our hotel near Times Square, which is fairly close to the passenger terminal. Our driver did not use the tunnels or toll routes, so that put us in the thick of traffic for most of the trip. Your results may vary, but my gut feeling woud be that I would want to plan some extra time between the two, just in case.

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    BostonsJ Guest

    Re: Distance from cruise piers to Laguardia

    The traffic is the problem seadog. When I left the legend we had 1.5 hours I think to get to the airport. The bus got us there to the main terminal but......this particular bus driver did not know the airport traffic flow and we almost hijacked the bus after two circles around. Then........ I was the only one flying the Delta Shuttle, everyone else got off the bus and this guy couldn't find the Delta Shuttle terminal which is not connected to the main terminal. Believe it or not I sat right beside him and threatened he would turn where I told him (I had never been there before) orrrrrrrr I would drive that danged bus myself ! We finally arrived but had it not been the shuttle my seat would have been gone. I had barely ten minutes before I boarded I believe and I was runninng. I would leave yourself at least 2 hours before you should be there. It was nail biting time for us on the Legend two dayer.

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    herb Guest

    Re: Distance from cruise piers to Laguardia

    If you leave on a Saturday or Sunday from NY pier the travel time will be 1/2 as much as Monday thru Friday. I would say, give it a good hour, travel time. This does not count waiting for the cab.

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    The Cruiser Guest

    Re: Distance from cruise piers to Laguardia

    Earl, I agree with Herb. Sat/Sun is not bad in NYC, compared to M-F. I'm leaving on the Carnival Legend Sept 10, Wed sailing, and I'm planning on leaving NJ 9:30am to give myself time to get into the City with the traffic. Note I live about a hour from NYC.


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