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    SF Guest

    Question about Nassau

    Is there any good place to go snorkeling off of Cable Beach? Is it free or is there a charge to use the beach? Which is the best way to get there, water taxi or by land? Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    B. Manheimer Guest

    Re: Question about Nassau

    Since 1982 we've had a time share on cable beach - just next to the Radisson. There are all kinds of water sports at Cable Beach, including parasailing, banana boat rides, wave runners, sail boats, etc. You don't have to be a guest of the hotels to take part in these activities. Snorkeling is done, but there really isn't much to see around there although the water color is unbelievable. There are some great snorkeling boats that take people out for 1/2 day or more to really beautiful coral gardens. We're leaving next Saturday for our 2001 week, and always look forward to it. The best way & cheapest way to get there is take a jitney - last year cost was 75 cents per way, but it might have gone up to a $1.00. They run often in both directions all day long. Yes, the beach is free..... Good luck

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    jeffstern Guest

    Re: Question about Nassau

    You can catch the jitney to Cable Beach on Bay St. near the British Colonial Hotel. The beach is nice, you can visit the Crystal palace and the snorkeling isn't really worth the trouble....
    If you want to snorkel, stop by the tourist information store, near the piers. They have all sorts of info and can make reservations right from there, for you.


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