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    cruzinjudi Guest

    Cruise Connection Bus

    We live on the west coast of florida and we are taking a cruise leaving from the port of miami, and I was wondering if anyone has taken the cruise connection bus to the port of miami and about what time did you get there and are the buses clean?
    Any information would be helpful, before I make a decision on the bus.

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    ginny Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus

    We always have to bring the grand dog down to Miami when we go cruising to visit her grandma, so are not able to use the bus but have friends here that we have cruised with twice and they have used it about four or five times, they love it. The last time we cruised with them we all arrived at the port at the same time 11am. They had a movie playing onboard and it's very clean and comfortable.

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    Taters Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus

    I haven't ever taken the cruise connection bus, but some friends that we met through the CC boards on our last cruise did... They took the bus from Bradenton to Ft. Lauderdale. Arrival time at the pier was at around noon and they said that they'd never take the bus again. It picked them up at about 5 am in the parking lot of a MacDonalds and then stopped in every single little town along the way to pick up more passengers. Very time consuming and not too terribly plesant. Next time they will drive themselves and pay to park.


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    Maui Mike Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus

    We've taken the bus several times and is great. Get on the bus and catch some ZZZ's on the way down or watch a movie. The Times was not bad. We were picked up in St peters. a little after 6am. This is the actual schedule. Only 5 Stops. We are using this service for our Panama canal cruise out of Ft Lauderdale next year. MSC is picking up the tab for it's passangers. So I can't beat a free ride. and not paying for Parking.

    City Location
    Clearwater Steak and Shake - 18627 US 19 N. - corner of Nursery & US 19 06:00 A

    St. Petersburg Park Side Mall - North Ent. of Penney's 06:20 A

    Bradenton McDonald's - Traveler's Oasis - SR 64 - just west of I-75 @ Ex 220 06:50 A

    Sarasota McDonald's - Bee Ridge & Cattleman Rd. - just W of I-75 @ Ex 207 07:10 A

    Venice McDonald's - 325 Commercial Ct.; I-75 just W @ Ex 193 07:30 A

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    ladybug Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus

    Where in west Fla. are you ? I catch it at 8 AM at the McDonalds in Ft. Meyers (near the airport) and has only one quick stop in Napels, before heading down Alligator Alley for Miami (or Lauderdale).

    The CC Motor Coach is a very large, modern, clean bus. It is a comfortable ride to and from ports. Legroom is about as on an airplane. There is no food or drink allowed onboard (but you can sneak a snack like granola bars and bottled water, etc) and there is a newer PG movie shown (with lots of overhead tv's) to make the ride go quickly. There is a potty on board.

    We have always arrived at port early. Sometimes we are among the first on the ship (another plus)........... before all the crowds from the airports arrive.

    We usually were a few hours early from the posted arrival time going home as well.

    It used to be a free service for a good many years. Now there's a fee, but for the convenience it is worth it if you don't want to make the drive. I would highly recommend it as an alternative to driving across the state if that is what would work out best for you.

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    cruzinjudi Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus

    Thanks everyone for the information-ladybug we would get on the bus in Clearwater

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    ginny Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus

    Here's their schedule: <>

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    tinker Guest

    Re: Cruise Connection Bus

    I have to put in my two cents here. I have taken this bus a number of times, it used to be free. Now they are charging $45 per person. My last experience with the bus has left a very bad taste and I don't think I would take it again. On the way down there we made great time and were at the pier at 12:15 PM. I thought great. There was a full bus. All except two people were going to the Explorer. We had to sit in a traffice jam for 1 hour and 15 minutes to drop off the Carnival people first. Then we went to the Explorer. The lines by the time we got there were REALLY long. On the way home was another disaster. We were off the ship at 8 AM. The bus didn't even get there till 9:45 AM. Then we had to wait till 12:30 PM for the rest of the bus to arrive.. I couldn't believe that they don't tell people to put down they have to get off the ship early. We were waiting for part of a group, half were on the bus , the other half got the last color to get off. For everyone's information, if you are with a group and you get different color tags, go to the Pursers' Desk and tell t hem.. They will give you all the same color. Needless to say we didn't get home till after 7 PM. Made for a really long day. This was the only time I had a bad experience though. Like I said I have used them numerous times.


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