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    runner15km Guest

    Hurricane Avoidance

    I am thinking about a cruise this October. Does any one know which route Western or Eastern Caribbean would you be more likely to run into a storm. Anyone have the stats.

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: Hurricane Avoidance

    I have no clue but I would bet your chances are 50/50 at that time of year. 50% you will have a great time doing Eastern OR 50% you will have a great time sailing Western. I sailed during a hurrucane in early Nov. I for one will not let another women ruin my vacation. Good luck!

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    ginny Guest

    Re: Hurricane Avoidance

    You have a better chance of hurricane avoidance on a ship than on land. If your itinerary is east and there is a storm in the east, you will instead go west and vice-versa. Be aware that you might have port changes or more at sea days in hurricane season, and if you are ok with that then book away and go with the flow. :)

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    Sunshine Guest

    Re: Hurricane Avoidance

    I would never let hurricane season stop me from cruising. All the cruises I have taken during this time have been absolutely fabulous weather. And in case of severe weather just be prepared to make an itinerary change and you are all set :)

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    Barry Guest

    Re: Hurricane Avoidance


    Take a look at 2002- ;)

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    runner15km Guest

    Re: Hurricane Avoidance

    Thanks Barry, The info was just what I was looking for. I followed your link back to NOAA for additional years on the track of hurricanes and by very quick analysis it looks like the Western Caribbean may have a few more storms. I will need to look at the data a little closer to make a decision based on the raw data. Thanks again.


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