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    Carol In Canada Guest

    Home Again from Grandeur Transatlantic

    Hi Everyone:

    Just a note to say hello to all and that we arrived last night tired but remembering a wonderful 14 days aboard the Grandeur of the Seas, we met with approx. 6 other couples we met online and had a wonderful time. The weather was simply gorgeous and the ship as her name was Grand. I will post a review in a couple of days after sifting through e mail, snail mail, laundry, this that and the other! Oh we do have one lost bag hanging around Dusseldorf, Germany and we certainly hope it shows up soon.


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    PattiG Guest

    Re: Home Again from Grandeur Transatlantic

    Hi Carol,
    This is Patti in Canada too! We also just returned from transatlantic with the Millennium - we were with you in port a few times - nice ship!! I am looking forward to your review - I am also trying to catch up with SO MUCH and coping with jet lag! We also met up with a few of the people from this site and it was so much fun! Welcome back!

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    pamda Guest

    Re: Home Again from Grandeur Transatlantic

    I didn't have any jet lag, just a serious need to go to bed at 10:00 PM and get up at the unreasonable hour of 6:00 AM. I managed to stay in the sack until almost 8:00 today, so my usual wake-up hour of 10:00 AM is not far away !!!

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    carmaster Guest

    Re: Home Again from Grandeur Transatlantic

    Welcome back Carol so very interested in hearing your review on The Granduer, we will be sailing her this Christmas 12/21 to 12/31 on the 10day circle the Caribbean cruise. Interested in what condition the ship is in, the "boo birds" of late are criticizing the food and condition. It sounds however they are wrong according to your uplifting announcement. Welcome back, and hope you find the rest of your luggage. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Gene W.

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    Lady Jag Guest

    Re: Home Again from Grandeur Transatlantic

    Let us know when your review is posted. We are also considering the Grandeur for a Med. cruise next summer. Can't wait to hear about the condition of the ship!

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    Carol In Canada Guest

    Re: Home Again from Grandeur Transatlantic

    <HTML>Thanks everyone for the welcome back, I will certainly post a review maybe tomorrow or at least the first few days. Still trying to find my land legs here and my waiter and room steward have seemed to disappear!</HTML>


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