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    steve Guest

    dining on celebrity

    booked the 11 day southern caribbean on the summit for feb 15th 2002
    requesting 1st seating
    just searching around uniglobe to see what cabins are still available and noticed
    that 1st seating is waitlisted, and 2nd seating available
    does this mean that we will have to eat at 9:00pm?
    if so i'd like to know now so i can book another cruise

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    Theresa Guest

    Re: dining on celebrity

    I would have your TA check how far the wait list goes.

    I just booked with Princess this weekend - when we called to reserve our cabin we were 25th in line. We are now next in line for first seating - the line goes fast.

    Also - if you have sailed Celebrity - you may want to join their captain's club. There is a fee ($35) but I think you get priority seating for your preference.

    I would have your TA call Celebrity.


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    judy Guest

    Re: dining on celebrity

    Its still very early and a lot people change their preferences. If this is your first cruise you might ask for everyones opinion of 1st or 2nd then decide. We like 2nd (8:30), and would never take first again.
    We were just on Viking Serenade and had first seating, it was noisy,and rushed, we barely made to the dining room every night.. We found 2nd to be more civil.
    If you have children, then 1st is for you, except your children will abandon you and want to eat with their new friends they made.:)
    Good luck in your choice
    Smooth sailing

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    Dave m Guest

    Re: dining on celebrity

    the first day on the ship, you can change your seating from 2nd seating to first. I have done this in the past - no problems. others that have 1st seating will change to second on that first day. i suggest at least getting your name on the wait list before the cruise if possible.

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    angelpug Guest

    Re: dining on celebrity

    Always had second and LOVED it. I'll be trying first seating for the first time this summer with the kids. We'd heard all of the kid's programs go along with first seating, thius the change....otherwise even our kids would be eating late!!

    Here's the way we see it. Early seating gets to enjoy those late night buffets, but it means going to bed with full stomachs! Those people that go to bed early, and rise early would probably be better off at early seating. As stated above, the kid's programs are also sceduled around early seating.

    Late night seating gets to enjoy the afternoon teas, and eat the last food they want of the day from 8:30-10:45. It made for a nice relaxing afternoon, after a day in port, and a quiet walk around the ship before going to get dressed for dinner. Then we'd do a show, casino, and some dancing, before hitting the bed around 1:00! I LOVE Late Seating as you can tell!!

    There's pros and cons with both, so don't decide a whole cruise on when you get to eat!!! The eating is just one part of a wonderful cruise!!

    Have A Great Time!


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    Mgram Guest

    Re: dining on celebrity

    We had early seating this time on Millennium...HATED IT!!!!!!!!!! We were so rushed and the meals seemed to come on top of each we have vowed late seating is for us from now on. Mgram

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    Nancy Guest

    Re: dining on celebrity

    If you are waitlisted for late seating at time of booking what are odds of getting it?


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