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    Gayle V Guest

    Which cabins are empty ?

    Awhile back I saw a cruise booking web site that would show deck plans with the empty cabins lit up. Does anyone know which site that was?

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    runner15km Guest

    Re: Which cabins are empty ?

    Yahoo Travel cruise site will show what cabins are available.

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    Hucc Guest

    Re: Which cabins are empty ?

    no web site will show you all available cabins

    cruise lines use cabin availability as a marketing tool

    The only way to see if a cabin is truly available is to call a Travel Agent and/or the cruise line directly.

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    montekat Guest

    Re: Which cabins are empty ?

    I found the one I wanted by going on the cruise ship website and typing in the cabin number I wanted like I was booking it. If they are already booked, it will say to choose another cabin. No problem at all! Then I just let my TA know what I have found and she completes the booking for me. (Thanks again Lori!!)


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