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Thread: Where is Red?

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    Debbie Guest

    Where is Red?

    I miss Red, where is she?

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    Cruisinpat Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    I was wondering the same thing Debbie. There are quite a few of the old regulars that don't post much since the RSMC. Hmm, have the RSMCers found a new place and left us Castaways behind? :)

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    ChrisC Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    Red is out of town. I got an email from her that she would be gone for a little while.

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    Mermaid Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    Hey Cruisinpat, I'm still around...and I am a RSMC survivor! And quite a few others as well! We did not pass throught the Bermuda Triangle or anything as near as I can remember. haha

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    pamda Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    I'm still here, even though I did take a quick couple of weeks out to battle the mighty ocean.

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    Kathy Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    Count Georege and I among the survivors as well!

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    angelpug Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    I'm in "LURKER" mode much of the time! I've been back in a cast on the right (write) wrist for a couple of weeks for Carpel Tunnel, so the typing is pretty slow, and awful!! Hope to have the wrist feeling bettter by JUly 7 when I hit the Century with the family. I know I'll probably still be splinted by the Phlamingo Phrolic! No Volleyball for me!!

    Take Care!

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    judy Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    I'm here too, most of the time, except when we are "travelling".
    Smooth sailing

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    April Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    Here too - fighting that post cruise depression by doing a short cruise on Carnival's new Spirit --leaving in less than a week.

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    Lyn Guest

    Re: Where is Red?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm still here too. I've just had a bad couple of weeks but I'm certainly not planning on going anywhere.


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