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    georgi Guest

    If i were not upon the sea...

    Often, on cruise ships, the staff do a little skit of "If i were not upon the sea, a blackjack dealer i would be". Does anyone know the whole song - including all the player parts?

    Our town is doing a charity benefit "Calvacade of Stars" and i'd like to arrange to do the skit but it's been many years since i've seen it done and i don't remember it all.

    I'd appreciate any help please!

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    Anonymous User Guest

    Re: If i were not upon the sea...

    I could be wrong on this, but they might change the wording for the current times ???
    Suggestion, you know the general idea, make up your own that is approperiate for your town.

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    marclaw Guest

    Re: If i were not upon the sea...

    I have not sceen that done on any ship in a least 6 years if not more.

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    Lyn Guest

    Re: If i were not upon the sea...

    My dad used to do that with a theatre group 40 years ago and although I think there were original lines he used to make them up too. The version he did went, "If I was not in my old job something else I'd rather be..." and then make it rhyme by "If I were not in my old job, I'd be a referee" or "If I were not in my old job a sailor I would be". I think over the years he would be more inclined to go with whatever props he had, like firefighter, boxer, taxi driver etc. He also would always go for the obviously funny ie the biggest, hariest guy would want to be the ballerina and the last time I saw it done on a cruise ship the last guy (young and good looking) "wanted to be" a male stripper and beforehand they'd arranged for a few ladies to run up on stage and put fake $bills into his very skimpy shorts. This was supposed to be the first time they'd done this?? and I have to say the kid was totally red-faced.
    Good luck with your skit.

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    Nath Guest

    Re: If i were not upon the sea...

    Saw this on the Carnival Spirit to Hawaii last fall. I have a videotape of the cruise director doing his skit during the talent contest.

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    Hucc Guest

    Re: If i were not upon the sea...

    this is a really cute skit put on by the CD and staff

    we saw it on the Ocean Princess back in 2001

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    Spender Nui Guest

    Re: If i were not upon the sea...

    I've seen it several times on princess. They always did it on "English Pub Night". Haven't salied Princess since 1995 and don't know if they still do it.

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    Colo Cruiser Guest

    Re: If i were not upon the sea...

    Princess still does it on the pub night.

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    georgi Guest

    Thanks All - N/P



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