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    rhen33 Guest

    Anyone ever use Crucon?

    They have great prices. Has anyone booked with them? What was your experience?

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    Ken_2001 Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    Robin... They are the only TA I use...The prices in all of my experiences cannot be beat. They seemed to be a few hundred dollars less then the lowest price quoted to me.

    My experience with Crucon Cruise outlet has been positive <CYE> mostly. They do things electronically which was strange at first to me, but when I got my edocs <electronic documents> they were indeed from the cruise line and not CCO

    I'm glad you asked this on this board. Please ask if you are curious about anything about them

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    rhen33 Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    Thanks Ken.:thumb I finally figured out the little i-cons ....Now I can`t stop!:wave

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    Ken_2001 Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    <heh heh> They certainly add color to your posts!! :thumb

    Hey BTW. how'd ya hear about crucon?

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    rhen33 Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    Surfing the net and stumbled on it.I`m a coupon queen and save on everything I can.I have free drink coupons for cozumel .

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    ozzy Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    Rhen, I'd suggest you shop around and check other outlets before you settle on CruCon. Just for the heck of it, I went to the CruCon site and put in the information for a cruise I booked with Cruise Value Center last week. For the same Balcony Cabin category BA on the NCL Sun for the 1/1/05 sailing CruCon's online price for the cabin was $755.76 whereas the Cruise Value Center online price for the same exact cabin was $619.52. The taxes and ports charges were the same on each site,$228.05. So the total per person on CruCon is $983.81 and the same exact cabin/cruise on the Cruise Value Center site was $847.57 for a whopping differance of $136.24!!!!!!

    Bottom line, do your homework. Get a price from as many web sites as you can. They all pretty much use the same cruise/cabin search engine provided by Revelex. The only difference is each agency puts in their own cabin pricing.

    Last year I booked with on Carnival nobody could touch them. I tried them this year for our NCL cruise and they couldn't beat (actually, nobody could beat)

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    rhen33 Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    Thanks tee zee. I do my homework.I search hi and low before I book.And even after I book if I find a better deal before final payment. :grin

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    wishin Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    I have a group cruise booked with them right now. So far, no complaints. They have been prompt and have answered all of my many many question.

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    fouti Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    I have used them and been very happy. However, still shop around because my cruise in Oct on the Jewel was $300 cheaper with another ta. I have two favorites and Crucon is one of them

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    SueClark Guest

    Re: Anyone ever use Crucon?

    I have used CruCon for the last 2+ years and been very happy with them. You do not get their best deals if you use the web booking engine. Call and deal with a real person.



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