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    DWMott Guest

    Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    Does anyone know if there is a way to bring beer onto Carnivl ships? Thanks.

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    yvonne Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    I dont know if this helps I just went on the Carnival Victory in Feb. and am also going In April, but we put all our liquor in our suitcases. We did meet people who put a case of beer in a suitcase with some towels. This time were gonna bring a blender to make frozen drinks!! We like to make drinks while we get dressed and late night.. bye

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    rodeogirl Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    We were on Conquest for Thanksgiving. We packed liquor in our checked baggage with out a problem. We also tool 2 cases of beer. Emptied a few diet coke packages and replaced the coke with Bud Lite. Worked great. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    frito Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    Now please don't get me wrong. I rarely drink beer so I really don't know how much it costs, but wouldn't you have to bring an awful lot of beer aboard to make it worth while, considering the extra trouble, etc? After all, even if you do bring it aboard, you still have to buy it some where. If you save $10.00 per case, it seems to me like it would be worth that much to not have to contend with it.

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    bikevegas Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    I don't know frito. Beer I believe on my last cruise was $2.75 per bottle plus tip. That rounds out to about $18 per six pack, by my calculations you would save about $12 or$13 a six-pack.......It costs to drink on the ship thats for sure! :AL:USA

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    Daniel Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    I just got off the Legend this week and didn't have a problem bringing on booze in my luggage. I brought onboard 2 bottles of wine and 3 -12oz plastic bottles of vodka. I think they are somewhat flexible if you don't go crazy and try and bring too much in with you. A can of Bud on the ship was $3.78 including the tax and tip. The wine was a little more costly at roughly $6.00 per glass.

    Have a great time.

    Dan from Toronto

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    robby Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    u also can bring it on from the ports of call many times....just putting it in a bag or carrying case of somekind and running it thru scanner and just carrying right back to room....on our Pride Cruise recently we brought some back onboard from both key west as well as progresso....that was u at least have less to pack with u if ur bringing it onboard upon first sailing out.....robbyxoxo

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    becki Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    I just came back from the Fascination last week and my friend and I brought 3 bottles of wine in our carryon (you are allowed to bring wine and champaigne onboard) and we also brought a plethera of little bottles of liquor in our checked luggage and it worked out fine. One word of warning - they saw my bottles of wine as they scanned my bag and searched it to make sure it was wine and not liquor.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that people tend to be soooo generous onboard. My friend and I feel like we met the entire ship and it felt like everyone was buying us drinks. In turn we bought a few drinks for people too. When bringing liquor onboard keep in mind that you can have all the free lemonade, ice tea, coffee, and apple juice that you want. And pretty much any alcohol will mix fine with those selections. My favorite was chambord and ice tea.

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    frito Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    At approx. $18.00 per a 6-pack, I can understand why someone would want to bring their own. As I said I rarely drink a beer and really didn't know how much it could run into in a weeks time.

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    marie hamerin Guest

    Re: Bringing beer on Carnival ships

    They have the right to refuse to allow you to bring liquor on board. This is how they make money after charging you only $400-$700 per person for a cruise. Their brochure even states that you cannot bring liquor on board. Good Luck


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