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    Diva Guest

    Liquor Card on Carnival?

    Is there such a thing as a liquor card on Carnival? For example, you pay a certain amount extra and you can drink as much as you want? I am no drinker but would like to know if this is true or not before I go.

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    Sea Turtle Guest

    Re: Liquor Card on Carnival?

    Nope, not on Carnival. Does Princess have this now? I haven't sailed with them since Jan01 but see that you have.

    I'm getting a visual of this kind of card on any cruise line, and it's not a pretty picture. I know how the sun & sea alone can be an intoxicant. I can't imagine adding to that a freebie card for spirits.

    Am I taking the bait here?

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    Diva Guest

    Re: Liquor Card on Carnival?

    Hey Sea Turtle,

    No, Princess doesn't have one and when I travelled with NCL, they didn't have one either.

    I was just wondering if there was such a thing on Carnival because whenever I hear about intoxicated passengers falling off ships, it seems to happen more with Carnival than with other cruiselines.

    Does anyone know if the alcoholic drinks are cheaper on Carnival than other lines?

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    Boymom Guest

    Re: Liquor Card on Carnival?

    No, they are still in the $4.00 - $6.00 range......and Wine starts at about $6.00 a class

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    BUDDY7 Guest

    Re: Liquor Card on Carnival?

    The only thing out there are soda cards, no liquor cards. I've been on Princess, RCCL, NCL, Carnival, etc., and haven't discovered a liquor card anywhere. The soda cards are quite popular though. Booked on Carnival two months from now with my family. Not planning on falling off the deck. As a grandma taking her grandkids that would be quite a story. HAPPY CRUISING.

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    1stcmez Guest

    Re: Liquor Card on Carnival?

    No liquor cards, but you can purchase drink coupons. $19.50 / 4 drink coupons. I think the most a drink coupon covers are the drinks that are $4.50 and below.

    You can purchase these from the Carnival site.

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    Shangrilq Guest

    Re: Liquor Card on Carnival?

    I used the drink coupons on Carnival twice this past year and I will always do so. I love having them prepaid and I had NO problem getting any of the frozen "thingies" even though some were a little more than the coupon. There is also NO expiration date so you can keep them and use much later on another cruise.I also like not having this put on my "Sane and Sign" Card. (I call it a Sane and Sign Card because you better be "sane" when you sign those little slips of paper).LOL!


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