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    LostAngel_in_TN Guest

    Fountain Fun Soda Card Question

    I have a question about the fountain fun soda card... I am a Diet Coke addict. I am planning to purchase the card, but I would like to know if anyone can tell me 2 things:

    1) How much is the card?

    and most importantly...

    2) Is the soda from the fountains "fresh?" You know, there is nothing worse than "flat" soft drinks.... LOL

    Thanks in advance for the info....

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    Rocky1 Guest

    Re: Fountain Fun Soda Card Question

    The soda you will get from the soda card will be fountain.

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    jedgar Guest

    Re: Fountain Fun Soda Card Question

    The cost of the card is dependent on the length of the cruise and whether an adult or child. The only price I can recall is for adult for 7 day cruise which is $34.95 which includes the tip. It is call a fountain fun card however it is not fountain soda it is poured into a glass from a can. Is good for one drink at a time, only to the person named on the card and can be used any where except for room service.

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    jedgar Guest

    Re: Fountain Fun Soda Card Question

    Just found the price list as below.

    Guest Under 21 Years of Age Guests 21 Years of Age and Older (including 15% tip)

    2-day cruise: $ 7.99 2-day cruise: $14.89
    3-day cruise: $10.29 3-day cruise: $17.19
    4-day cruise: $13.74 4-day cruise: $21.79
    5-day cruise: $19.49 5-day cruise: $28.69
    6-day cruise: $21.79 6-day cruise: $32.14
    7-day cruise: $22.95 7-day cruise: $34.44
    8-day cruise: $26.39 8-day cruise: $39.04
    10-day cruise: $34.44 10-day cruise: $44.79
    11-day cruise: $34.44 11-day cruise: $44.79
    12-day cruise: $39.04 12-day cruise: $49.40
    13-day and longer cruises 13-day and longer cruises
    : $42.49 : $56.29

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    LostAngel_in_TN Guest

    Re: Fountain Fun Soda Card Question

    WoW... Thanks!! I appreciate the info!


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