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    Dawnie1981 Guest

    Oceanview vs. Balcony

    Help! First Time Cruiser here!! I currently have an OV Guarantee room booked on the Conquest and I would much rather a balcony room and may upgrade... I am undecided!! I want this to be the best vacation ever! I want to know from personal experiences which is better?!?

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    MoJo2Rusty Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    I had an OV on the Triumph on my first cruise, Love it! Some of my friends had a balcony room. It seemed smaller to me, but the balcony takes up some of the room from the room it's self. I'd say if you think you'd use the balcony go for it. I doubt I would have used it that much if I had had one. Maybe to step out and take a few pics.
    I'm going on the Conquest in Dec. Have an inside room this time around. Last time I was only in the room to shower, change cloths and sleep, so figured I'd save some money.


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    Babushka Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    I say you should DEFINATELY go with a balcony cabin!!! I have had ocean view and balcony rooms and by far I prefer the balcony. There is nothing better than sleeping at night with your door open! I know that you don't spend all your time in your room, but the time that you are there it's a great bonus! I love going out on my balcony early in the morning when we are pulling in to port, or when we're at sea I love sitting out there too. A lot of people order breakfast to eat on their balcony, we've never done this but I've heard it's really nice. Sometimes when it's really crowded up by the pools, it's nice just to go back to your room and relax on your balcony. I love to read and this is a nice quiet spot to do so.

    If you want to make the most out of your vacation I say go with the balcony! I will never travel without one and it really doesn't cost that much more when you look at the total cost. I know that some say you lose a little space in your actual room, but I'd rather have it be a little more crowded and have the balcony. Just to let you know, we've never felt our rooms were too small when we've had the balcony. We were just recently on the Glory and loved our rooms.

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    SandyBeach Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    From reading posts for several years....I've noticed that people who like the before or after dinner drinks on their balcony...or those people who like to relax a lot really enjoy their balcony. My husband doesn't like to sit out on the balcony nor do we do the before/after dinner drinks so we don't usually get a balcony. We would rather save our money for a balcony when we travel to Alaska, or like we had in Hawaii (even though we didn't use it much then because we traveled mainly at night). We don't spend much time in our cabin when on a cruise....other people might.

    I don't think we'd go back to an interior cabin (unless it was a year when we had traveled already). We do really like the Ocean View Windows and that is what we usually book when we cruise now.

    Having said all of that....check and see how much it would cost to upgrade to a balcony since there are so many on the might turn out to not cost that much more making it worth the change.

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    Jeff & Susana Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    We've had ocean view rooms on our last 3 cruises and are opting for a balcony on our next.
    I purposely booked a room aft right by the stairs so I can easily zoom up to the Lido deck in the mornings and grab a couple plates full of food and race back to our room.

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    tutak Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    In our humble opinion, there are only two types of cabins, inside or balcony. If you get a window cabin, you will be paying about the same for that window as if you bought a Pella window for your home. You will spend no more time in your cabin than you would if you had an inside cabin. You will hardly ever look out that window.

    If you get a balcony, you have a place to go if you wake up early, but your spouse is still asleep. You don't jave to wory about finding a deck chair. You can enjoy a couple of cocktails while you watch the ocean go by.

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    megamind Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    Like everyone else, we have been in all three. Balcony wins hands down. You won't be sorry you got a balcony. As a first time cruiser, this will be a learning experience. We can't tell you if this is for you or not. Try one or the other and next time you can make a better informed decision. I am always excited for first time cruisers. Take lots of pictures, and when you get back write a review. It is always nice to read a review by a first timer. Best of luck on the decision, and enjoy the cruise !!


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    Belizemama Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    We just had our first balcony on the Conquest early this month. It was wonderful. I too like the idea of going out first thing in the morning, and just being on the ocean. My husband is a late sleeper and I could just go there rather than up above by myself. We ordered breakfast room service almost every morning.
    I hated the one time we had an inside room. So dark and you could not tell if it was daylight or dark out. OV is okay, but it makes you yearn to actually be outside.
    We will never get anything else again, unless we are on a ship where there are no balcony cabins (except with a suite which we usually cannot afford).

    If the difference is not too much, I say go for the balcony. We had 8A
    Balcony Gnty and were upgraded to 8C.

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    mlzangel78 Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    heres another consideration too... my friend and i are smokers.. we had an inside on our last cruise together ... YUCK,, we smoked ourselves out of the room, smoke goes into the hallway,, which isnt nice to the other passengers.. hubby and i had a balcony on the next cruise,,, what a difference.. we did spend a good amount of time on the balcony,.. breakfast outside in the morning soooo nice... i will never cruise without it again. It keeps the room nice and airy, and the sound of the ocean at night is so cool.

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    Anthony_Jones Guest

    Re: Oceanview vs. Balcony

    Balcony is best---but having done balcony and oceanview, I WOULD do ocean view again to save a few $$$ if budget was tight. We loved our window, but the balcony is something special. I would never be able to do interior--too closed up!

    Neither OV or balcony will "make or break" your cruise, thats for sure.


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